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This week Steve reviews three newer books: one is outstanding and the other two are worth reading. What’re the odds on that?

Short Story Review: Discards by David D. Levine

Matt Mitroch reviews the short story "Discards" by David D. Levine, part of George RR Martin's Wild Cards shared universe.

Short Story Review: A Dead Djinn in Cairo by P. Djeli...

Steampunk, off the beaten path.

Review: The Iron Shirts by Michael F. Flynn

Trans-oceanic contact - Alt-Hist style

Your Reviewer, Some Modern Urban Fantasy and Some Thoughts on Publishing...

Steve talks about himself (what an ego!) a new urban fantasy, and other stuff.

5 Reasons Why Tor’s ‘Imprint’ Will Sky Rocket!

Tor's new imprint - Imprint - promises an interesting future

AMAZING News: 2014 Hugo Awards Double Edition Featuring 2014 Hugo...

Sure is interesting, living in a science fiction world.

Review: What Makes This Book So Great? by Jo Walton

A review of Jo Walton's unique and very interesting collection of essays on reading.

Review: Fiddlehead by Cherie Priest

For those who know the work of Cherie Priest, you know she can write. For those not familiar with her work, you’re missing out on something special. The novel Fiddlehead may be billed as the final installment in her “The Clockwork Century” Steampunk collection, but the author’s talent for story telling also makes it a worthy place to start if you’re so inclined.

I’m Curious, so Tell Me Something

Keith West has noticed a shift in his reading habits - away from traditional imprints and towards small indie presses. Have your reading habits changed?

Book Review – Feast and Famine by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Imaginings Volume: 6 - Feast and Famine is a collection of ten short stories by the British writer Adrian Tchaikovsky, best known for the nine-volume (and counting) fantasy series, Shadows of the Apt, published by Tor.

News That Couldn’t Wait For Sunday

NPR's Morning Edition offered up a very interesting piece on hidden stereotyping this morning, a report on the subtle effects that unconscious biases play...

Sam Gunn – What a Character

As a master of expressing the true nature of human existence through realistic characters who strive to succeed for the betterment of man in a world often ruled by power hungry individuals, Bova remains true to form with the Sam Gunn character.

Review: Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl by David Barnett

One of the great things about being a book blogger is that you often get the chance to read books before they come out...

Amazing News Weekly

This week we offer you the first installment of a new weekly news feature.  But then, that's kind of obvious, isn't it? CONTEST Win a Signed...

Amazing News

The first installment of John Scalzi's serialized novel - The Human Division - goes on sale tomorrow.  The Human Division is being distributed by...

The Dangers of Ignoring the Ebook Revolution

On January 8th, the long awaited final edition in the Wheel of Times series was released in hardcover.  The ebook, however, was no where...

Brave New World of Publishing – ebook Effects On Genre Fiction

ebooks have enabled new opportunities for both traditional and self-published authors. Barriers to entry have been lowered, gatekeepers have expanded and both readers and writers are benefiting from this brave new world.