Why Do Ebooks Cost So Much?

There is a legal idiom that goes like this: “the value of a thing is that which that thing will bring”. Michael J Sullivan has a few thoughts.

Author Portals

Authors: Use this portal to get magically transported to a world of information!

The Leap from Self to Traditional Publishing

Today’s post is prompted by two events: My wife was filling in for me on a writer’s panel this weekend (I got a bad fish that gave me a bit of food poisoning) I’m counseling a self-published author who is negotiating a traditional contract for his series. Regarding the first, a fellow panelist mentioned, “No […]

What’s Fair is Fair

Michael, our in-house expert on all things Hachette and Amazon, braves the slings and arrows to ‘splain some things to us.

On Books Being “Special”

Hachette. Amazon. One need say nothing more to gain the attention of writer’s everywhere. Sullivan’s take on author manipulation.

Netflix for Books…How to Make this Model Work

There has been a bunch of news lately about subscription services and books…the so called “Netflix for Books.”  The premise is simple, you pay a monthly fee and then you pick books from their library.  There are three major players in this field right now: Oyster – who I think was the first to join […]

Author’s Earnings

How much does an author actually make traditional publishing versus self-publishing? Well, the data is hard to find.