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Michael J. Sullivan is a speculative fiction writer who has written twenty-five novels and released nine. Eight of his fantasy books (The Riyria Revelations, and The Riyria Chronicles), were published by Hachette Book Group’s Orbit imprint. Hollow World, a science-fiction thriller was released by Tachyon Publications. The first four books of his new series, The First Empire, has sold to Random House’s Del Rey imprint, and the first book is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2016. He can be found on twitter, through his blog www.riyria.com, and on his facebook page and his publisher’s page for the series.

Why Do Ebooks Cost So Much?

There is a legal idiom that goes like this: "the value of a thing is that which that thing will bring". Michael J Sullivan has a few thoughts.

Excerpt: The Age of Myth, Book 1 of The Legends...

Today, Amazing Stories is pleased to offer you an excerpt from Michael J. Sullivan's latest, much anticipated and highly praised novel The Age of...

AMAZING PEOPLE: Extending a Helping Hand

MIchael J. Sullivan is looking to help new authors with a contest!

We All Start From the Same Place

MIchael explains how marketing your book is like a Presidential hopeful going to the down dump to drum up support.

Author Feedback: Making A Good Book Great

Good advice from a successful professional is hard to come by. But we deliver!

Author Portals

Authors: Use this portal to get magically transported to a world of information!

Myths of Publishing: Anyone Can Self-publish, Part 4

Success requires hard work and dedication - even for indie authors

Myths of Publishing: Anyone Can Self-publish, Part 3

Being an indie author requires more skills than "author"

Myths of Publishing: Anyone Can Self-publish, Part 2

If you think being an "Indie Author" means going it alone - better read this!

Myths of Publishing: Anyone Can Self-publish, Part 1

"Anyone can self-publish": Not true.

Not All Royalties Are Treated Equally

Watch your royalty statements and understand the terms - before signing!

The Leap from Self to Traditional Publishing

Today's post is prompted by two events: My wife was filling in for me on a writer's panel this weekend (I got a bad fish...

Cool Tools: BackerKit Helps Organize Crowd Funding

Michael touts a new tool for crowdfunding projects

What’s Fair is Fair

Michael, our in-house expert on all things Hachette and Amazon, braves the slings and arrows to 'splain some things to us.

Amazon Enters the Book Subscription Business

Who is going to win the Book Subscription War (I)?

On Books Being “Special”

Hachette. Amazon. One need say nothing more to gain the attention of writer's everywhere. Sullivan's take on author manipulation.

Bestseller Expectations

More great background on the business of selling books!

For the Love of Reading…

Michael J Sullivan Champions Reading Rainbow's Kickstarter

Publishers don’t create books…authors do.

No matter what happens between Amazon and Hachette, literature will still exist.

Balance and the Hachette Amazon Dispute

Amazing Stories' resident expert on publishing indie, traditional and seemingly every other outlet, weighs in on the Amazon-Hachette dispute.

When Publishers & Amazon Feud Writers Are the Ones Bloodied

As if we didn't have enough to deal with already...Hatchette and Amazon are locking horns.

Things Change and Yet Remarkably Remain the Same

One book does not a writing career make. Advice on considering a writing career from an author who walks the walk and talks the talk.

Innovations in Book Translations

Important, timely and valuable information on obtaining book translations; your market may just be in another language!

On Writers and Authors

Should there be a ban on calling indie writers authors? Michael J. is just a bit ticked off by the suggestion.

Netflix for Books…How to Make this Model Work

There has been a bunch of news lately about subscription services and books...the so called "Netflix for Books."  The premise is simple, you pay...

Author’s Earnings: Part 3 Mid-list Print Sales

Michael dives even deeper down the rabbit hole of author's earnings.

Author’s Earnings: Part 2

Part 2 of Michael's examination of earnings in the field of authorship.

Author’s Earnings

How much does an author actually make traditional publishing versus self-publishing? Well, the data is hard to find.

It’s Not About the Money…It’s About the Contract, Timing, and Price

Michael weights in on Brenna Aubrey's decision to turn down a six-figure advance.

Generating Marketing Buzz

Our proven expert, Michael J. Sullivan, lays out a marketing plan designed to generate buzz (and sales) for books.