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REVIEW: Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop, by Brhel & Sullivan

Many who enjoyed the thriller-type TV series of the seventies and eighties, plus Stephen King’s wonderful novel Needful Things, will enjoy the collection of tales called Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop.

Ciencia ficción en Ecuador en 2016

Ecuador has a small, but potentially vital, number of science fiction titles.


Steve uses his personal time machine to share an early post about Modesty Blaise—he's off doing NaNoWriMo! (Don't know what that is? Read on....)

Texts from the Future: the Peacekeeper Series

Peacekeepers launches a Webby nominated pilot

Matthew Mather’s Darknet Released

Darknet by Matthew Mather: Boiler room meets Philip K. Dick.

Comic Review: Video Nasty #1 – 2

Video Nasty is a hard-boiled, gritty suspense-thriller of a comic book.

A Fan’s Anniversary of Sorts

Some personal fannish history, a couple of takes on Amazing Stories from 1938, a recap of Modesty Blaise, a pic of John Travolta and a review of John M. Whalen's Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto. What's not to like?

England’s “Fabulous, Feminine Answer to James Bond”!

Introducing Modesty Blaise....

A Review of Flashback by Dan Simmons

This book kicks posterior. It's a wild turbo-boosted ride through a shockingly plausible dystopia.

Richard Matheson Filmography

Richard Matheson captured my imagination with his first story (Born of Man and Woman - SF Hall of Fame Volume 1) and never stopped...