Matthew Mather’s Darknet Released

cyberThe new novel by the bestselling author of CyberStorm…

One minute Jake O’Connell is on top of the world with a beautiful family and bright future as a stock broker in New York. The next minute it’s all ripped away when he’s embroiled in a fraud investigation, his childhood friend is murdered and he finds himself on the run.

Dodging the FBI and targeted by the mob, Jake is thrown into a Wall Street underworld of cryptocurrencies and autonomous corporations where he discovers a dark secret setting the world on a path to destruction. He must evade the shadowy forces hunting him and find a way to redemption–but the faster he runs, the deeper he becomes entangled in the web that surrounds him. In the end, his only path forward is to return to the ghosts of his past.

darknetBoiler Room meets Philip K. Dick in this brilliantly conceived thriller. DARKNET is an exciting page-turner that will grip you from the start and take you on a wild ride.” — Darren Wearmouth, bestselling author of Critical Dawn.

DARKNET is a journey into the back alleys of global finance of cyber-espionage, the story of one man’s quest–against all odds–to redeem himself and save his family. It is the newest bestseller from Matthew Mather, author of the bestselling CyberStorm and Atopia Chronicles series.

“I think it’s the best book I’ve ever written. It was a real journey for me, from spending time interviewing real-world Wall Street executives at hedge funds to diving into all the technology in that world–a real labor of love for me to bring to life.

As a self-published author in this new digital world, I really appreciate your support. It’s only because you buy my books that I’m able to keep writing them! So, thank you very much for your interest and letting me keep in touch, and I hope you enjoy this new work of mine!” Matthew Mather

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