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The Required Plots of Star Trek

Star Trek - in all of its iterations - always engages with these thirteen plots

Fair and Fair Alike

In the face of an uncaring universe driven by physics and mathematics, what is fair?

Sidekicks and the Meta-game

he sidekick is often the one person who sees the “real” hero. The more far-future and fantastic the world becomes, the more essential this kind of character is.


They've redone Lost In Space again. Did they do a good job? Well, uh....


This week, Steve holds his breath and dives into movies about amphibious guys, which is a thing, now. Not Navy Seals, but Gill-Men (and Guillermo!). Put on your dive mask and check it out!


YA books-to-film are popular, but some series appear to be running out of steam. Steve checks out the "...ent" series and then runs on about some other movies. Do you agree with his assessments?

MCM Manchester UK (Comic Con)

Terence Jackson shares his impressions of the ComicCon held in Manchester, UK, as well as Donald Manning's photos of cosplayers who attended.

EBOOKS & MOVIES! A New Storybundle plus 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE and...

Chocolate and bacon, the only things better than cheap eBooks and SF movies! (Okay, there's sex and alcohol too.) Steve offers you both! (No, not sex and alcohol—ebooks & movies!)

2015: A Geeky Year for Movies

Forget about all the things we were promised to have in 2015 by Back to the Future. 2015 seems to be our year for...

Science Fiction Bikini

Science fiction bikini seems like a simple juxtaposition of words, but examining the phrase reveals much of the cultural and social baggage packed inside.

TV Review: Extant

I'm a little late to the Extant table, but now True Blood has ended (sad face) I have more time on my hands to try out...

Review: Jani and the Greater Game by Eric Brown

Eric Brown takes us on steampunk adventure through India at the time of the Raj. The year is 1925, and history has taken an alternate course.

TV Review: Under the Dome Season 2 Premiere

There's season openers and then there's Season OPENERS! The DOME is back with a vengeance!

Review: The 100

I look at the new CW show, The 100.

When I First Got Into Fandom

Wanting to be a Fan makes you a fan - despite whatever litmus tests, obstacles or hoops to jump through some may want to throw in your way.

Slipstream? Or Slip Up?

A look at Slipstream and why it belongs in the bargain bin.

My New Favorite (U.S.) Sci-fi Show – Almost Human

Almost HUman is a new fave.

Movie Review — Is That What Scientology Does to Them?

After Earth - a sci fi film masquerading as a science fiction film

The British Are Coming…Again

I've always thought that US TV shows have the ground covered when it comes to science fiction TV shows (although the UK has the...