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Review: Outlaws of Olympus by C. E. Martin

The Outlaws of Olympus by C. E. Martin is a fresh new series that will appeal to fans of both pulp westerns and Greek Mythology.

The Audio File: Religion in Speculative Fiction

Want to hear an audio version of a short speculative fiction story about religion? Sam McDonald has chosen some good ones for you to consider from a wide variety of religious perspectives.

Review: Making the Rounds, by Allan Weiss

Weiss takes on the Kabbala.

Bloger Invitado. Benjamín Román Abram: LA CIENCIA FICCIÓN MÁS ALLÁ DE...

Peruvian editor Benjamin Roman Abram muses on science fiction's prophetic visions.

REVIEW—CONSTANTINE: A surprisingly good movie!

This week Steve drops back ten years to review an underapreciated movie, "Constantine," with Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz, telling us why he thinks the movie deserves another look.

Asni’s Art Blog: Cosmic Peacock

Did you know there is a whole religion involving the worship of a cosmic peacock? You'd never know where poultry keeping could lead you!

Review: Wrestling with Gods: Tesseracts Eighteen

Certain topics are never supposed to be discussed with strangers: religion and faith head the list. The featured authors in Wrestling with Gods:wave aside such strictures

Asni’s Art Blog: Garuda

Continuing my survey of magical bird creatures from West to East, the next stop is India.

Asni’s Art Blog: Quetzalcoatl

In the next few blogs, I will have a look at magical birds - messengers between the human realm and the supernatural in many cultures. First off, Quetzalcoatl: the feathered snake of the Mexicans.

Arisia: Con Report Lite

What went right and what went wrong during Arisia weekend.

‘If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth…’ by Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke’s short story ‘If I Forget Thee Oh Earth…’ isn’t just about doomsday. It is a lesson in the art of writing good science fiction.

Small Press Book Review: The Book of Feasts and Seasons by...

A review of some Seasonal fiction.

Music – “Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music, Vol. 1” Craig Leon

Today something different! I’d like to introduce you to a musician and some of his music: Craig Leon and “Nommos”. As you may or...

Noah 101: The Hollywood Way

A review of the 'fantasy' film Noah

Asni’s Art Blog: Black Hole

Black holes represent a deep seated fear of being sucked into the void, propelled out of existence.

“La Ficción Debe Ser Visceral, no Adorable y Lírica Todo el...

Tanya returns with the english language version of her interview with Hal Duncan, author of Vellum.

Interview with Scottish Author Hal Duncan

Author Hal Duncan (Vellum) has been adopted by Finnish Fandom. Find out why.

Religious People Talking About Aliens?!

I think it's a bit unlikely aliens would be that interested in Earth-based religions, but you never know. They're like, aliens, you know?

Asni’s Art Blog: Warriors, Hunters, Healers, and Death

Meet grandmother Buluku, Ogum the warrior, Oxossi the hunter, Oxumare the rainbow snake, Babalu Aye the leper who heals infectious diseases, and Exu, Papa Legba or Baron Samedi: trickster, guide of spirits, devil on the crossroads.

Asni’s Art Blog: The Lovely Oxum

Oxum represents all the traditionally feminine values. But she is also patron of witches.

Asni’s Art Blog: Oxalá, Prince of Peace

I have often wondered to what extent Tolkien might have drawn on the African pantheon...

Asni’s Art Blog: Orixas of Fire, Storm and Thunder

Male gods of storm and thunder exist in many pagan religions. It is more unusual to see the powers of sky and weather personified as a female. It is said that in battle, Oya always goes ahead of Xangó, just like lightning precedes thunder.

Asni’s Art Blog: Mother of Waters

Yemanja, Yemoja, Yemalla, Janaína – the Mother of Waters is one of the main goddesses, of various Afro-American religions – Santería, Voodoo, Candomblé – which evolved from African deities grafted onto Catholic saints.

The Nine Billion Names of God by Arthur C. Clarke

Now there are classic science fiction stories, and then there are classic science fiction stories used by educators to introduce young impressionable readers and writers to the age old argument of science and religion. The Nine Billion Names of God by Arthur C. Clarke is THAT kind of story.

RECAP: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

A look at the introductory episode of COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey.

Muslims Forbidden To Go To Mars

Believe it or not, a fatwa has been issued barring Muslims from participating in the Mars One program. Mike gives us the details.

Nye vs Ham – the Video

Watch the full debate and read some of the follow-on commentary.

Living With the Nazis

With its haunting portrayal of the unthinkable, Fatherland sired (ha ha...) the alternate history sub-genre one might call: "What if ... the Nazis won?"

Winter 2014 SF Anime Preview

What's coming to the intersection of anime and sf worlds in January? (Spoiler: No Sailor Moon, unfortunately.) So many new and renewed shows you'd think it was Christmas or something!

Asni’s Art Blog: Angels

Astrid examines the evolution of the Angels as the subject of fantastical art.