Nye vs Ham – the Video

Watch the full debate and read some of the follow-on commentary.

The Evolution vs Creationism debate held on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014, is now viewable.  You can watch the entire thing here:

Debate on the debate rages, with the preponderance of mainstream media resources tending to give Bill Nye the ‘win’. Of course one can always question the origins and meaning of “mainstream”….

The chief complaint following the debate seems to be focused on what commentators are describing as a debate on the definition(s) of science vs creationism as opposed to what the event was billed as – evolution vs creationism.

Vocal proponents of both sides have weighed in – none less that televangelist Pat Robertson, who seems to feel that Kenneth Ham gives creationists (young earth creationists to be more precise) a bad name, contending that such young earth beliefs makes ‘a joke’ of creationist believers, while others warned, pre-debate, that the “anti-science guy” always wins in such debates.

One thing that seems to have been a positive outcome as a result of the debate is perhaps a bit more refinement of the subject at hand:  belief systems aren’t the issue, it’s the intrusion of non-scientifically based belief systems into society – usually expressed through school board book selections, medical ethics, censorship of literature and similar impacts, that is the real issue.

A lot of blogs, news sites and organizations have released their take on the event:

IBT offers a roundup of opinions

Forbes offers another roundup

The National Center for Science Education goes partisan for Nye

Interestingly, the Christian Today ran a poll (who won?) that currently sits at 8% for Ham, 92% for Nye.

The general theme from the religious side seems to be that it won’t change minds, while many seem to be dismissive of Ham’s particular strain of creationism. 

One thing is certain:  we’ve not seen the end of this debate.

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