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Steve reviews the 70th Anniversary Issue of F&SF and finds it good. Excellent, in fact. There’s still time to read the issue before the Nov./Dec. one comes out!

REVIEW: Cash Crash Jubilee by Eli K. P. William

Eli K. P. William's Cash Crash Jubilee is a fun, smart read, a great way to start a trilogy of novels.


An overview of the theory and practice of Spanish language neo-indigenous science fiction.

40 years on, did Star Wars change SF for the better...

Imagine George Lucas at the Pearly Gates: would he get into heaven because of his contribution to science fiction, or would he be cast down?


A lot of old ('50s and early '60s) SF was written by women under masculine or masculine-sounding names. One of the best was Andre Norton. Join Steve in a look at this terrific action/adventure SF like they "just don't write anymore!"

REWIND: Interview with SFWA Grand Master Brian W. Aldiss

Note: This interview originally appeared in Amazing Stories Magazine February 12, 2014. Author’s note: I set out, as is typical for me, supplying a list...

REWIND: Interview with SFWA Grand Master Michael Moorcock

The eternal champion returns


Steve reaches a milestone 100 columns, and reviews the new Writers of the Future anthology and the film Big Hero 6.

MOORCOCK vs. ULTRON: Two Reviews

Two new reviews by Steve: the new Michael Moorcock book and The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Are they worth it? You bet they are!

The Grand Masters’ Reading List

It would be tough to go wrong with this list of recommended Holiday reads by the Grand Masters of Science Fiction

Judging More Books by Their Covers: The Silver Warriors

Judging books by their covers is made more difficult when the book in question has two titles as does Michael Moorcock's The Silver Warriors

Review: The Memory Hunter by Jon Konrath

What brought me back to science fiction was the work of cyberpunk writers such as Rudy Rucker, Bruce Sterling and, yes, William Gibson.

Entrevista con Scott Lynch, Autor Nominado al World Fantasy Award

An interview with World Fantasy Award nominee Scott Lynch

The Ultimate Science Fiction Reading List Part 6

Who better to recommend a summer SF read than the authors themselves!

The Changing Face of Science Fiction Part 2

What has changed in Science Fiction? The best authors in the genre answer that very question.

The Secret of Writing Great Science Fiction Part 2

Writing advice from a stellar line up" David Brin, Gary K. Wolfe, Michael Moorcock, C.J. Cherryh, Ursula Le Guin, Neil Clarke and Michael Swanwick!

The Ultimate Science Fiction Reading List Part 5

Somehow our first taste of fiction always seems to hold a special place in our minds and hearts even after we’ve read hundreds of new stories. Another installment of the ultimate science fiction reading list from some of our favorite authors and editors.

The Ultimate Science Fiction Reading List Part 4

A few recommendations from some of the greatest minds in the industry of what you should be reading.

Interview with Robert MacAnthony, Founder of Long Count Press

An interview with Robert MacAnthony, founder of the new speculative fiction small press Long Count Press.

The Ten Greatest Wizards of All Time

A bit problematic, this list. My experience with wizards tells me they are a fickle lot and prone to hubris. And they have powers....Perhaps ranking them might not be such a good idea....

Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave...

Science Fiction in music. If you're looking for some sounds to accompany your other-worldly reads, this survey of tracks will get you off to a good start.

Interview with SFWA Grand Master Brian W. Aldiss

Brian W. Adliss remarks on life and writing in the lastest of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) Grand Master series.

Review: The Space Opera Renaissance edited by Kathryn Cramer & David...

An updated review of a seminal and influential anthology - The Space Opera Renaissance

Interview with SFWA Grand Master Michael Moorcock

Interview with Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) Grand Master Michael Moorcock who helped shape the Science Fiction industry.

The Dancers At the Edge of Chaos (Part 3)

Once more into the Multiverse, dear friends...,

The Dancers at the Edge of Chaos (Part 2)

The Eternal Champion has issues...and the occasional graphic novel.

A Science Fiction Timeline: Yesterday and Tomorrow

A timeline of the development of science fiction, from one fan's viewpoint.

The Dancers at the Edge of Chaos (Part 1)

Walk softly and carry a big, cursed blade

Walking the River at LoneStarCon 3

LoneStarCon 3 promises to be one of the truly landmark events in the history of science fiction. Something so magnificent owes a great debt to San Antonio Fandom

Interview with Award-Winning Editor Ellen Datlow

For more than 30 years, Ellen has edited speculative fiction with a discerning eye, helping to shape the stories and authors we all love to read.