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In this first of three Halloween-y columns examining several media adaptations of Stephen King works, Steve talks about the new movie, and what’s wrong with IT.


This week, Steve reviews the Sept./Oct. 2017 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, their 68th anniversary issue. And finds it good to read!

The Dark Between the Stars

The Dark Between the Stars is one of those books that grabs you which readers will love.

Man of Two Worlds

Written by Brian Herbert, in collaboration with his gifted father Frank Herbert, this tale first started with a germ of an idea way back...


Steve reaches a milestone 100 columns, and reviews the new Writers of the Future anthology and the film Big Hero 6.

Book review: “SUMMER of LOVE” by Lisa Mason IS A TRIP!

This week Steve takes us back to 1967, courtesy of Lisa Mason. Time travel is trippy!

Scide Splitters: Working Stiff by Kevin J. Anderson

Scide Splitters reviews seven fun filled cases from the files of Dan Shamble, Zombie Private Investigator.

Scide Splitters: Unidentified Funny Objects 3 edited by Alex Shvartsman

Science fiction and fantasy’s only annual humor anthology returns with stories from Robert Silverberg, Mike Resnick, Tim Pratt, Piers Anthony, Kevin J. Anderson, Jody Lynn Nye, and more.

Book Review : Fiction River Fantastic Detectives

Fiction RIver has been a huge success, particularly in introducing a diversity of themes.

Review: The Dark Between the Stars By Kevin J. Anderson

The Dark Between the Stars by Kevin J. Anderson is the first book in the ambitious yet sure to please The Saga of Shadows, the follow-up to the successful The Saga of Seven Suns.

AMAZING NEWS May 25, 2014

Amazon vs Hachette and lots and lots of newsletters and press releases!

Mentats of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

Returning to the universe of Frank Herbert’s epic space saga Dune, the vulnerability of human existence is once again clouded by faith, fanaticism and revenge. Mentats of Dune is the latest installment written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

Book Review: Naughty & Nice by Kevin J. Anderson

Tis the season to enjoy the holidays the way fans of zombie stories should – with a nice (and a little bit naughty) compact tale. Naughty and Nice (Dan Shamble, Zombie PI Mini) by Kevin J. Anderson is the perfect stocking (or e-reader) stuffer for that special undead person in your life.

LOST IN SPACE Reviews of Unknown or Underappreciated Books: A Wizard...

Not every author achieves blockbuster status but they may very well still be worth reading. Adam Gaffen pulls some overlooked gems from his shelves in Lost In Space. This episode - an eight book fantasy series by Christopher Stasheff.

LibertyCon 26 Report

Home from LibertyCon 26, in Chattanooga TN. We put a thousand miles on the little car this weekend, stayed away from home for four...
Sturgeon and Campbell Awards. Photo courtesy of C.J. Harries.

Finding a Path to the Stars at the 2013 Campbell Conference

Friday, June 14, 2013, arrived without much fanfare. My yard gnomes were chained and securely staked in my garden, while the lazy, overweight alligators...

No. 12 Alfred Elgin van Vogt, Weapons Masters, and The Big...

$1995.00. For 15 pages. That's how much a copy of A. E. van Vogt's speech, Tomorrow on the March, goes for today. He delivered this...

Thinking Outside the Boiler: A Few Novels Not Always Classified as...

Taking a short break from science horror to talk some more about steampunk, because our superior mechanical overlords assure me it's the next big...

Resurrecting the Literary Dead

Though William Faulkner is often attributed with the expression “In writing, you must kill your darlings,” the expression first appeared in a lecture On...

Lost In Space! Reviews of Unknown or Underappreciated Books: #2 Emergence...

Hello again, and welcome back! So – what, exactly, do I mean by 'unknown or underappreciated'? To put it simply – not everyone is a Kevin...

Five Military SF Novellas by Five Authors

Five by Five Aaron Allston Kevin J. Anderson Loren L. Coleman B. V. Larson Michael A. Stackpole WordFire Press electronic only $4.99 Kindle B&N Kobo Smashwords I thought I'd look at some...

Review of the Martian War

The Martian War by Kevin J. Anderson is a literary retrospective of writer H.G. Wells. It is a story based on the on the original War of the Worlds invasion premise, but this time around, several characters from other classic works by Wells partake in the adventure.