The Naming of Awards and the Taking Down of Monuments

This is one of those issues that is so fraught, so convoluted, so personal and so public, that it is doubtful anyone can address it in a manner that doesn’t offend some, certainly doesn’t solve anything and may serve to confuse rather than to illuminate.  Nevertheless….

Amazing Histories, May 1926: The Stories Continue

A creature resembling a cross between a moth, an owl and a devil fish stares into a transparent, ovoid object. Behind it is a landscape of red cliffs and weird buildings; other members of the creature’s race can be seen flying above a body of water. It was May 1926, and Amazing Stories – the […]

Graphic Novel Review: Pacific

The recently translated graphic novel Pacific from Titan Comics is a bizarre tale that will appeal to the speculative fiction crowd, but fans of historical fiction should take notice too.