The Amazing Years – February 2017

We continue our ten year anniversaries by month, of Amazing Stories

We continue on with our monthly ten-year-anniversary of the magazine. This is the first month for which we will be including a contemporary issue of the magazine, our very first. More non-fiction than fiction, our 2012 issue did feature two reprints of stories that had previously been published in earlier renditions of the magazine.

Summer 2012 Volume 0, Number 1 Summer 2012* **

Steve Davidson, Editor
The Experimenter Publishing Company

$2.99 per copy (electronic)

Bedsheet (nominally)
164 pages


Tool Dresser’s Law by Jack Clemons
Will Little Note, Nor Long Remember by Jack Clemons

Volume 71, Number 1, Spring 1999*

Kim Mohan, Editor
Wizards of the Coast

$4.95 per copy

100 pages


Revelations by Chris Metzen and Sam Moore
Hillary Orbits Venus by Pamela Sargent
Hieratic Realignment by Barry N. Malzberg
The Roar Shack by James C. Bassett
Instant Labor by Douglas Lain
An Air of Deception by J. Gregory Keyes
No Good Deed Kristine Kathryn Rusch
A Night at the Opera by Charlene Brusso
Luna Incognita by Mary Soon Lee

Volume 61, Number 6 March 1987*

Patrick L. Price, Editor
TSR, Inc.

$1.75 per copy

164 pages


Dat-Tay-Vao by F. Paul Wilson
The Castaway by Phillip C. Jennings
O Civile by Sister M. Anne Arkee O. S. F.
Uphill Climb by Robert J. Sawyer
The Eels by Shelton Arnel Johnson
A Tale at Rilling’s Inn by Nancy Varian Berberick
In the Eyes of the Pilot by Bruce Boston
Etchings of Her Memories by Richard A. Lupoff
Kleinism by Arthur L. Klein
When the Haloperidol Runs Out and the Blue Fairy Never Comes by Shirley Weinland
Dreamtigers by Robert Frazier
A Detached Interpretation of Voyager’s Greeting to the Extraterrestrials by John Devin
Under Her Skin by Susan Casper
Kleinism (Amazing Stories, March 1987) by Arthur L. Klein
Through Time and Space With Ferdinand Feghoot: theta by Reginald Bretnor
Light Fantastic by Rosemary Edghill
Relative Distances: Nantucket 12-29-85 by Robert Frazier

Volume 50, Number 4 March 1977*

Ted White, Editor
Ultimate Publishing

$1.00 per copy

134 pages


Alec’s Anabasis by Robert F. Young
Shibboleth by Barry N. Malzberg
Our Vanishing Triceratops by Joseph F. Pumilia and Steven Utley
The Bentfin Boomer Girl Comes Thru by Richard A. Lupoff
The Recruiter by Glen Cook
Two of a Kind by Rich Brown
Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear by Jack C. Haldeman, II
An Animal Crime of Passion by Vol Haldeman

Volume 40, Number 10 February 1967

Joseph Ross, Editor
Ultimate Publishing

.50 per copy

164 pages


Two Days Running and Then Skip a Day by Ron Goulart
Tumithak of the Corridors by Charles R. Tanner
Methuselah, Ltd. by Richard Barr and Wallace West
The Man with Common Sense by James E. Gunn
Born Under Mars (Part 2 of 2) by John Brunner

Volume 31, Number 2 February 1957

Paul W. Fairman, Editor
Ziff-Davids Publishing Company

.35 per copy

132 pages


Equation of Doom by unknown
Home Is Where You Left It by Milton Lesser
The Next Time We Die by Robert Moore Williams
Deadly Decoy by Robert Silverberg and Randall Garrett
Quest of the Golden Ape (Part 2 of 3) by Paul W. Fairman and Milton Lesser
Gusher on the Seine by uncredited

Volume 21, Number 2 February 1947

Raymond A. Palmer, Editor
Ziff-Davis Publishing Company

.25 per copy

180 pages


Orphan of Atlans by William L. Hamling
Blabbermouth by Theodore Sturgeon
Land of the Damned by Berkeley Livingston
The House by Rog Phillips
Caution: Dead Man at Work by Arthur T. Harris

Volume 11, Number 1 February 1937

T. O’Conor Sloane, Editor
Teck Publications, Inc

.25 per copy

148 Pages


The Planet of Perpetual Night by John Edwards
Prometheus by Arthur K. Barnes
“By Jove!” (Part 1 of 3) by Dr. Walter Rose
Denitro by Stanton A. Coblentz
The Last Neanderthal Man by Isaac R. Nathanson

Volume 1, Number 11 February 1927

Hugo Gernsback, Editor
Experimenter Publishing Company

.25 per copy

108 pages


The Land That Time Forgot (Part 1 of 3) by Edgar Rice Burroughs
On the Martian Way by H. G. Bishop
The First Men in the Moon (Part 3 of 3) by H. G. Wells
New Stomachs For Old by W. Alexander
The Eleventh Hour by William MacHarg and Edwin Balmer
The Thought Machine by Ammianus Macellinus
The Second Deluge (Part 4 of 4) by Garrett P. Serviss

*as close as we can come, given the varied publishing history of the magazine
** our first two issues were produced as “relaunch prelaunch” issues and were given a volume number of 0

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