Playing catch up here…we’ve missed a couple of months, but that’s the nice thing about anniversaries – they come back around again!

    *Volume 70, Number 1
    Summer 1998

    Kim Mohan Editor
    Wizards of the Coast

    $4.00 per copy

    100 pages


    Sense of Wonder by James Alan Gardner
    The Complete Guide to Chlerion by Neal Barrett, Jr.
    Last Words by A. C. Crispin
    On the Scent of Trouble by John Gregory Betancourt
    Pheromitey Glad by Michael Libling
    Gooses by Orson Scott Card
    The Mark of Zorro novelette by Ben Bova
    Pasquatz by Malcolm Beckett

    Volume 62, Number 1
    May 1987

    Patrick L. Price Editor
    TSR, Inc

    $1.75 per copy

    164 pages


    Freezeframe by Gregory Benford
    Fools Mate by Thomas M. Disch
    Fear The Light by Edward F. Shaver
    That’s All Folks by Richard Wilson
    A Bomb in the Head by David E. Cortesi
    An Extraterrestrial, Ish by Mike Curry
    Messiah by John Gregory Betancourt
    This too is Science by John Devin
    The Flying Mountain by R. Garcia y Robertson
    The Man I’ll Never Be by Doug Beason
    The Homework Horror by Greg Cox
    Cassandra in Wonderland by Ace G. Pilkington
    The Heirs of Earth by Paul J. McAuley
    In the Garden of the State by Bruce Boston

    Volume 50, Number 5
    July 1977

    Ted White Editor
    Ultimate Publishing

    $1.00 per copy

    134 pages


    The Long Fall by A. Bertram Chandler
    Nobody Home • [Jay Pearsall] by F. M. Busby
    Odds by Christopher Anvil
    Survival Characteristic by Charles V. De Vet
    Beulah by Talmage Powell
    Social Blunderby Tom Godwin
    Spectator Sport by Steven Utley

    *Note: I’m mentioned in the editorial of this issue

    *Volume 41 Number 2
    June 1967

    Joseph Ross
    Ultimate Publishing

    .50 cents per copy

    164 pages


    Cold Comfort by Winston K. Marks
    The Mad Scientist by Robert Bloch
    Atomic Fire by Raymond Z. Gallun
    The Builder by Philip K. Dick
    Project Nightmare by Robert A. Heinlein
    The Heaven Makers (Part 2 of 2) by Frank Herbert

    Volume 31, Number 5
    May 1957

    Paul W. Fairman Editor
    Ziff-Davids Publishing Company

    .35 cents per copy

    132 pages


    The Edge of the Knife by H. Beam Piper
    No World for the Timid by Charles E. Fritch
    Winged Planet by Milton Lesser
    A Moment of Peace by William P. Salton
    Cosmic Kill (Part 2 of 2) by Robert Silverberg
    Yellow Streak Hero by Harlan Ellison

    Volume 21, Number 5
    May 1947

    Raymond A. Palmer Editor
    Ziff-Davis Publishing Company

    .25 cents per copy

    180 pages


    The Crystalline Sarcophagus by Richard S. Shaver
    The Ancestral Thread by Emil Petaja
    Confessions of a Mechanical Man by Don Wilcox
    Desert of the Damned (Complete Novel) by Don Wilcox

    *Volume 11, Number 3
    June 1937

    T. O’Connor Sloane Editor
    Teck Publications, Inc

    .25 cents per copy

    148 Pages


    Murder by Atom by Joe W. Skidmore
    The Company or the Weather by Miles J. Breuer, M.D.
    “By Jove!” (Part 3 of 3) by Dr. Walter Rose
    The Crystalline Salvation by George H. Scheer, Jr.
    Crawling Terrors by Edmund Schueler

    Volume 2, Number 2
    May 1927

    Hugo Gernsback Editor
    Experimenter Publishing Company

    .25 cents per copy

    108 pages


    The Moon Pool (Part 1 of 3) serial by A. Merritt
    The Man Who Died by Proxy by Frank Gates
    The Time Machine (Complete Novel) serial by H. G. Wells
    The Singing Weapon by Bent Prout
    Light of Lifeby Leland S. Copeland
    The Man Who Was by Walter Burch
    The Star of Dead Love by Will H. Gray



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