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The Game’s a Journey, Not a Destination

Many times a story isn't so much about what happens at the ending, but rather the journey taken to get there.  In fact the...

Inviting the Next Generation of Readers to Explore Science Fiction

Veronica interviews Corie Weaver, editor of the Young Explorers’ Adventure Guide series of books, then asks some science fiction romance writers what the first science fiction books they read were.

Book Review: Another Girl, Another Planet by Lou Antonelli

Another Girl, Another Planet is one of those rare optimistic alternate histories that still manages to convey an interesting story.

Does a Book Need a Cover?

The medium is not the message - except sometimes it is.

Spiders and Beatles and Books—Oh, My!

Steve takes a Beatle break... or does he?

Those Black Pits on the Moon

What's in those black pits they're finding on the Moon? Could be colonists.

BOOK REVIEW: Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes

Steve examines Stephen King's new--and unique!--novel, Mr. Mercedes.

MOVIE REVIEW: Robocop the Remake—Good, Bad or Ugly?

Robocop 2014: better than the original? Or worse?

An Interview With David Blalock

Adam Gaffen interviews H. David Blalock, author of the Angel Killer trilogy, a series that posits an ancient war between good and evil and evil won. Btw - you're one of the bad guys....

Scide Splitters: How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe...

I am not tasked with determining the level of Science Fictionness of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe. Scide Splitters is far more concerned with whether or not the book makes us laugh – and it does.


It's easy to discuss authors for their contributions are evident. You just have to read the stories. The great editors are harder to corral,...

No. 6 – Theodore Sturgeon, The Next Question, Well-Meaning Scientists and...

2013 Feb 10 - Theodore Sturgeon, aka/Edward Hamilton Waldo, is best remembered for asking “What’s the next question?” In some portraits, you’ll see Sturgeon...