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Novedades de Septiembre

News about Spanish language speculative fiction book releases, Web articles and anthology calls.

Top 10 Young Adult Books You Need To Read By Fall

Now that summer is winding down a bit, it's time to start stocking up for winter reading - or - you're TBR pile is just not tall enough!

Preview Review: Altered States of the Union – What America Could...

Preview of the upcoming crowdfunded anthology

Tomorrow: an Interview with Kim Stanley Robinson

Tomorrow, Darrel Schweitzer interviews Kim Stanley Robinson for Amazing Stories

Flash, Randy, and Sam on Route 66

Here's what happens when Flash Gordon, Randolph Scott and Sam Peckinpah meet out on Route 66.

MARS! And Some Reviews…      

This week, Steve visits Mars (really! Sort of...) and reviews a new book and an overlooked movie from 2014. Check it out!

Crossplay and Gender-bending Cosplay

Crossplay: who says Captain America has to be a guy? Who says that only girls can dress up as Black Widow?

The Devil of Christmas is Making a Come Back? It’s Time...

Indiegogo campaign for truly insane gorefest


A review of In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead

Literatura furry de ciencia ficción en Venezuela

an interview with July Nicholas Camacho about all things Furry.

AMAZING NEWS! Gerrold’s A Doctor For the Enterprise Comic Completed!

A Doctor For the Enterprise Special Offer!

Talus and the Frozen King by Graham Edwards

A murder mystery set in stone age Britian.

Book Review: The Ten Thousand Things

Three men writing a weird western featuring a young woman of mixed race and pulling it off well. Spit that into your spittoon!

Review – The Fictional Man by Al Ewing

Niles Golan is an ex-pat Brit in Hollywood. Never grown-up, he narrates his life with an internal monologue transforming his everyday inadequacies into triumphs....

A Bloody Mashup: A Review of Kim Newman’s “Anno Dracula”

A journey down Lugosi lane: a documentary on the famous Dracula star leads to the discovery of Kim Newman's mashup - Anno Dracula.


An introduction to the various punk sub genres and what to expect in the upcoming series.

The Other Victoria: Steampunk’s Queen

Was it Colonel Mustard in the arboretum with the steam shovel? Steve participates in a steampunk murder mystery evening.

Fantasy Novels to Appeal to the Science Fiction Reader and Vice...

Mike Brotherton - 'hard' scientist, recommends a few fantasy novels that might appeal to readers of 'hard' science fiction.

Isn’t All Science Fiction and Fantasy Alternate Reality?

C. E. Martin (yes, but which one?) wonders why we bother to distinguish some works as "alternate reality" when in fact, all SF and fantasy takes place in alternate realities.

The Time of the Doctor / Death Comes to Pemberley –...

Gary Dalkin reviews an unusual Jenna Louise Coleman set of performances - The Time of the Doctor back-to-back (ion the BBC) with Death Comes To Pemberley

Where Has All The Wonder Gone?

C. E. Martin laments the sameness of today's fictional offerings and makes the case for something new.

Scide Splitters: The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

Thursday Next, the plucky female lead character of The Eyre Affair, is a literary detective in an alternate 1985 England.

REVIEW- The Killing Fields (Legacy #2)

It reminds me of watching the Incredible Hulk when I was growing up. Bill Bixby was awesome, but I wanted to see a green-painted Lou Ferrigno tearing stuff up

Marketing As A Metafictional Tool: Harnessing the Power of Misdirection

Deliberate misdirection is a writer's tool that also deserves a place in the marketer's toolkit. Here's how writers can colonize the search page, where the reading experience ought to start.

Crossroads: The Challenge of Espionage in Speculative Fiction

If spy fiction uses SF/F techniques, then why doesn't speculative fiction feature more espionage? Perhaps SF/F’s world-building is too much of a good thing, preventing the genre from leveraging tension the way spy fiction does.

Discovering Science Friction: Snark Week 2013

Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives could easily have been made into a Syfy Channel movie (if they’d used lower resolution cameras, thrown in a former 1980s TV star and some cornball music).

Crossroads: Society, World-building, and Estrangement in Spy Fiction

Growing up in a household where the legacy of Communism loomed large (my parents had fled Communist Poland during the '60s), poison-tipped umbrellas and...
Top Secret

Crossroads: I Spy, with My Little Eye…Espionage in Speculative Fiction

Hello and welcome to August! I was away for much of July on a "blogging vacation", and I very much missed you and our...

Zombies Out West

Those Poor, Poor Bastards (Dead West #1) Tim Marquitz, J. M. Martin, and Kenny Soward Nine Worlds Media Trade Paper, 212 pp., $6.99, Ebook $2.99 Kindle Nook Smashwords While I’m...
Countdown City by Ben Winters

Review: Countdown City, by Ben H. Winters

Countdown City By Ben H. Winters Quirk Books 2013 The world is still going to end. That's the reality facing former Concord, NH, police detective...