AMAZING NEWS! Gerrold’s A Doctor For the Enterprise Comic Completed!

cover image for postTroy Boyle has put the finishing touches on his artwork, Jeff Austin has finished the inking, Nic Shaw the lettering.

David Gerrold’s comic mash-up of Doctor Who, Star Trek:TOS and a soon-to-be-revealed (after you read it – no spoilers here!) popular television property is now on the way to the printers!

We’re SO excited that this project has reached completion (it took a while – far too long in fact – but only circumstance can be blamed).

A Doctor For the Enterprise is based upon a David Gerrold script (award winning author who counts among his accolades the scripting of one of Star Trek’s most popular episodes – The Trouble With Tribbles), drawn by Troy Boyle,colored by Jeff Austin and inked by Nic Shaw..

We’re printing 500, and ONLY 500 copies of this 24 page full color comic book, the first comic ever in Amazing Stories’ 88 year history!

The comic book will be signed by both David Gerrold and Troy Boyle and will be numbered (001/500 – though #1 is already spoken for).  Once sold, NO MORE COPIES of this edition will ever be made available again.

Right now, you can reserve.r your copy. You’ll only pay $29.95 for this ultimate, exclusive fan item that you can treasure forever, while simultaneously making all of your fannish friends extremely jealous!  And what’s not fannish about having something in your collection that only a very few other people in the whole wide world own?  Nothing.  That’s what.  (Just .0000007% of the world’s entire population will have a copy to be precise!)

And as they say – THAT’S NOT ALL!  We’ll also throw in a copy of the promotional mini-poster with each and every discounted order!

Yes, the preceding is hype in the good old tradition of hype.  If that kind of an appeal doesn’t appeal to you, try this straight-forward one instead:

We here at Amazing Stories think this comic is absolutely hilarious.  It pokes fun at two of the world’s greatest science fiction franchises, but in a loving, knowledgeable, insider’s manner (when it comes to Trek, David Gerrold is the ultimate insider!);  it’s lavishly drawn and colored and has been assembled and published with all the love-of-genre that we could bring to bear.  We believe that it will be one of those items that people will be talking about at conventions for years.  We honestly believe that this comic will become a cherished and valued possession – a very worthy addition to any collector’s holdings.

We’ve kept the price as low as we possibly can for such a thing and are offering incentives to get it sold as quickly as we can because we believe that once it is in circulation, it will do good things for everyone involved.

And there are already LESS than 500 copies available. (Well less….)

To order reserve your copy (we were hoping to have our store open for this but such didn’t work out), email

The first hundred orders will be based on your email’s time stamp – don’t waste time and don’t miss out!

PLEASE NOTE:  Individuals may order only two (2) copies per customer;  order quantities beyond two will be held in reserve and, depending upon demand, we may not be able to honor orders in excess of two per customer.

To tease you even further, here is a gallery of some of the pages from the book –


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