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Au crépuscule d’Anthony Boulanger

A review of a trilogy's finale finds it a bit wanting

Les chroniques de l’étrange de Romain D’Huissier

Profiling a French urban fantasy, featuring a Taoist Exorcist

Les articles populaires d’août 2018

Our most popular posts from August, now in French; Doc Savage, Mary Robinette Kowal, SF Romance, fanzines, Worldcon, Hugo Awards

Articles populaires d’août

Our most popular posts now with French headlines!

Nécrologie : Daniel Walther

French SF author Daniel Walther has died.

Des sorciers et des hommes / Thomas Geha

A short yet telling review of Sorcerers and Men, a fix up novel featuring protagonists readers ought to hate.

Article populaire 2018

A summary of posts for French readers.

La compagnie des Glaces

The Company of Glaciers, Georges Jean Arnaud's epic 86 volume series (and counting)

Articles populaires d’avril 2018

Kickstarter, SF Romance, Douglas Adams, and lots of Lost in Space

L’équilibre de l’extinction d’Arnauld Pontier

The sequel to F.E.L.I.N.E., a fine balance of the love of science fiction and popular culture

Les articles populaires d’avril

Fabien highlights some popular articles

L’art contemporain dans la SF

The evolution of contemporary art through science fiction

Les articles populaires de février

Fabien rounds up some popular posts in French; Heinlein reviews, Discover Sci Fi, convention reports.

Deux nouvelles revues

French publishers are working on releasing two new journals - in print

Articles populaires de janvier

Fabien highlights some of last month's posts for our French readers.

Les prix en 2017

It's award season here, and it's award season in France, too! Romain Lucazeau wins best novel for Latium.

Présentation de quelques small press

A presentation of three new small press publishers in France.

Les articles populaires de novembre

Highlights of popular posts from November

Les états généraux de l’imaginaire

A report on the discussions at Utopiales de Namtes

Jean Christophe Gapdy

Jean Christophe Gapdy is an exciting new voice in French science fiction.

Les articles populaires de septembre 2017

An overview of the most popular articles on Amazing Stories in September for French readers.

Les super héros français

A look at French superheroes, including one literary prototype that arguably initiated the genre.

Les articles populaires d’août 2017

A list of some of the most popular Amazing Stories articles of August for French readers.

Les littératures de l’imaginaire et le jeu de rôle en France

While there have been French fantasy authors who started playing and/or writing about Role Playing Games, the connection is complicated.

Articles populaires Avril, mai, juin 2017

Highlights of Amazing Stories for French readers.

(critique) Quaillou de Sylvain Lamur

Quaillou is an entertaining novel which reflects upon power and its relationship to desire, among other things.

Critique : F.E.L.I.N.E. d’Arnauld Pontier

F.E.L.I.N.E. Arnauld Pontier Rivière Blanche Arnauld Ponthier est un auteur un peu atypique dans le milieu de la SF. Il a en effet écrit aussi des romans...

Noticias Literatura 3-5

Chronicle of the launch of a history of what is done to bodes after they die, a work of experimental fiction that demands a lot of the reader, and more.

Les BD de fantasy en France

A look at some French fantasy comics.

La SF et la société de l’information

La société de l'information qui se développe depuis quarante ans transforme radicalement nos...