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Novedades de Julio

Tanya rounds up the Latino field with new books, magazines and happenings.

La SFPA Busca Miembros Latinoamericanos

A call out for Latin American Specfic Poets to join the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association

Novedades de abril.

Fantasy author Claudia De Bella passes, Laura Ponce free stories for download, LDP magazine #56, celebrating women, released, and more

Artículos Populares de Marzo

A March roundup, in which Amazing Stories is prominent, numerous reviews are written and film and fandom are discussed.

Novedades de Marzo

Several new releases, an interview and new comic issues

Novedades de Febrero en Hispanoamérica

More homages to Ursula Le Guin, several new releases and a radio show

Peck and Flap Wings Until the Sky Brings Forth Machines? by...

Yes, I can see his silhouette over there, like a paper cut against the moonlight, and I know: if I lean forward I will see him floundering away..., riding away on his witch’s broom, I think, unattainable, deaf to my whine, hue and cry (And to my warning cry!), and how he vanishes into the clouds which crown the summits.

Premio Ripley de relatos de género de terror y Ciencia Ficción

A description of the Ripley, a contest for female Latin American writers of science fiction and horror, including an interview with the publisher.

Blogger Invitado: Carlos Eduardo de Jesús Sierra Cuartas. La dimensión ética...

look at the ethical dimensions in the science fiction of René Rebetez Cortes and Antonio Mora Vélez.

Novedades de Mayo

Publication of books and magazines, events and other things of interest to Spanish speaking speculative fiction fans.

Novedades de Marzo en Hispanoamérica

News of speculative fiction book launches, magazine publications and writing contests and other events of interest to Spanish readers.

Entrevista con la Premiada Autora sueca Karin Tidbeck

An Spanish interview with new weird author Karin Tidbeck.

Post Favoritos de Diciembre

Reviews of Ace doubles covers and 40 years of Star Wars, perspectives on fandom and more awaited Spanish language readers in December's Amazing Stories.

Escribir como Jugando: Entrevista a El Libro del Escritor

Jose Molina and Meritxell Terrón have created The Book of the Writer, a Web site with resources and a social hub for Spanish speaking people who would like to learn more about their craft or interact with other writers.

Novedades de Octubre y Noviembre en Hispanoamérica

Como la semana pasada "Computer said no" y no pude publicar mis novedades de octubre, pues ahora publico dos pájaros de un solo tiro....

Eurocon 2016 (part 1)

Images from this year's EuroCon.

Reseña de libro: Luces del Norte. Antología de ciencia ficción finlandesa.

An overview of a collection of Finnish speculative fiction, focusing on steampunk and fantasy short stories.

Editoriales que Apuestan por la ciencia Ficción

Interviews with two new Spanish language speculative fiction publishers, featuring advice for new writers.

Top post de Septiembre

A review of some of the articles that appeared in Amazing Stories that appeared in September that may be of interest to Spanish speaking readers.

Novedades de Septiembre

An overview of recent and coming events and publications of interest to Spanish speaking science fiction, fantasy and horror fans.

El caso de las revistas que desaparecen

An interview with Santiago Oviedo and José Joaquín Ram on the challenges and joys of publishing speculative fiction magazines in Latin America.

De Razas y Sexos Pasando por Gente que Parece no Tener...

Tanya Tynjala takes on sexism in Spanish fandom.

De mangas y libros, pasando por problemas de traducción y la...

It is a pity that many things get lost in translation and not necessarily because the translator is bad, but because cultural differences do not allow us to understand what happens.

Forzado paréntesis (me mudo)

Tanya informs us of a move and her current posting plans.

Top post de marzo

Top posts from March

Novedades de Febrero

New books, magazine issues, conferences and awards!

Top Post de Enero

highlights from last month en espanol.

Reflexiones ante el nuevo año, sobre cachorritos, maistream, el género, Caitlyn...

Tanya has a few words to say about authors who appropriate the field, and announces some plans for next year.


Tanya reviews our past month and finds it interesting.

Blogger Invitado: Reseña de Libro, Tal vez los Dioses sí Existen...

A review of the novella 'Though perhaps only we are the gods of ants' by Jorge Alberto Collao by guest blogger Cristian Londoño Proaño