AMAZING NEWS: 6/28/20 – “We’re not done with the first wave” Edition

Every Day for the next week or so, new video from AmazingCon 2020 is being published to the Amazing Stories TV Channel

Every Day, the clock ticks down to the removal of the AmazingCon 2020 T-shirt from our store.  Get yours now!

A Pandemic-induced home schooling project, an attempt to move away from dystopian literature, leads to a “better” government

Advanced Civilizations on Earth before us?  Discovering a layer of microplastics might answer the question

Nice touch up!  Colorized image of First Fandom Get-Together

Craig Miller celebrates the anniversary of Return to Oz

Brin Knows:  5 Rebuttals for Split Voters

Erica, first AI Movie Star

Trailer for Asimov’s Foundation Drops:  (His grave is like some weird version of Schroedinger’s Experiment:  we won’t know if Ike is spinning or not unless we open it up)

Genre Snacks?  Gene Wolf.  Yes, that’s HIM on the Pringle’s can.

We’re not just taking down statues.  Icons too.  John Wayne Playboy interview

Night Stalker Fan?  Something might be happening

A Perfect Example of Right Wing Appropriation

SFWA Begins Online Reading Series

Mary Jackson Gets (some of) Her Due

You Know, every time GRRM opines on this subject, people get upset….

Yes, Musk wants to live on Mars.  Claims it won’t be easy….

They say that if you say you understand quantum physics, you don’t understand quantum phsyics.  This guy says don’t bother, it’s wrong

Locus is looking for reviewers and strongly encouraging “…Black and Indigenous applicants, as well as people from other marginalized communities…” to apply


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