Improbable Botany: The Book Plants Don’t Want You to Read…

Improbable Botany, featuring ten newly commissioned stories by Ken MacLeod, Cherith Baldry, Eric Brown, Simon Morden, Adam Roberts, James Kennedy, Stephen Palmer, Justina Robson, Tricia Sullivan and Lisa Tuttle, and edited by former Clarke Award Judge and Amazing Stories contributor Gary Dalkin, enters its Kickstarter phase today.

Improbable Botany is a brand-new science fiction anthology about alien plant conquests, fantastical ecosystems, benevolent dictatorships and techno-utopias.  Think Campbell’s Who Goes There?, Wyndham’s Day of the Triffids, Harrison’s Deathworld and Little Shop of Horrors, but with a modern twist!

Featuring a cover and six interior illustrations by Jonathan Burton, whose outstanding body of work has been featured by The Folio Society, Penguin Books, BAFTA, HarperCollins, Random House and The New York Times.

Move over Robot Overlords, make room for your Veggie Masters!

Published by Wayward, a London-based landscape, art and architecture practice who have been transforming derelict sites into large-scale, design-driven spaces for local communities since 2006.

Check out the promotional video with awesome animation!.

You’ll never look at your salad the same way again!

All profits will be donated to Wayward’s projects.

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