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Speculations KC
Note – not the actual cover – but the cover WILL feature this great image by Emsh!

Bryan Thomas Schmidt – serial anthologizer (which is probably why he uses three names) – has a Kickstarter project that is in its final hours.  Like – ending in less than ten hours from now.

And, unlike his previous projects, it has not yet met its goal.

This is strange, if only because the theme of this anthology is the unique place that Kansas City plays in the history of science fiction and fandom.

That history is being capped off and reprised next year IN Kansas City when the midwestern metropolis hosts MidAmericon II, the World Science Fiction convention.  The name of that con is a clue to the history that KC has behind it.

If you are clueless or lazy, step on over to the Kickstarter campaign and take a listen to Bryan’s presentation – you’ll be overwhelmed with just how touched by KC we all really are.  And after listening, you just might decide that this project can not go unfunded.

So while you’re there, help fund this project.  I’ll wait.

No, I meant it.  Go HERE, right now, click on the button that says BACK THIS PROJECT and enter some numbers, preferably with lots of naughts after it.

Why are you still here – I said I’d wait….

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