AMAZING PEOPLE: Andrew Weston is Going To Hell

Andrew P. Weston, best selling author, joins the ranks of authors in Hell

Hellishly Good News.

Amazing Stories very own Andrew P. Weston is going to Hell.

What’s more, he seems delighted at the prospect of spending an eternity in perdition.

As was exclusively revealed through Amazing Stories in April, this coming Fall sees the release of his first ever Heroes in Hell Novel – Hell Bound – detailing the exploits of Satan’s chief bounty hunter, Daemon Grim, and the ups and downs of unlife as Hell’s diabolical Reaper.

And the great new is the short story that introduces us to this complex character – Grim – is almost upon us, for it is included within Doctors in Hell, the next infernal installment of Janet Morris’ critically acclaimed Heroes in Hell universe.

Unleashed upon us June 22nd, here’s a morsel to whet your appetite.


Doctors-cover-2lr Perfect on ISBN smallSomething is fomenting in the depths of Hell.

Something that leaves a decidedly bitter taste in His Infernal Majesty’s mouth.

The trouble is it’s more than just the flavor that’s revolting.

Those damned doctors are too!

What the devil is going on?

Time for a surgical strike perhaps?

Satan certainly thinks so.

If fact, if those doctors don’t want to toe the line then they can expect to flatline.

What’s the prognosis?

Rest assured. It will be bloody – it will be brutal – it will be awesome.

Coming soon in… Doctors in Hell.

(Where Diagnosis Murder meets Flay’s Anatomy)

Prescribe yourself a copy here

cover doctors

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  1. This is excellent! I was very happy when Andy borrowed a bit from my story in Doctors in Hell and then ran with it. Then I mentioned one of his characters in my story. But I can’t say more than that — you’re just going to have to read DOCTORS AND HELL and find out what happens and how everything plays out for our characters . . . or doesn’t, as the case may often be in Hell.

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