AMAZING PEOPLE: Andrew Weston’s Novel THE IX: Set for January Release by The Perseid Press

Andrew P. Weston
Andrew P. Weston

Andrew P. Weston, former Royal Marine guy, expat Brit, current Greek isles resident and regular contributor to Amazing Stories (which of course is by far the most important credential) has had his novel The IX scheduled for January and February 2015 release by The Perseid Press.  (ebook January, print edition February.)

Amazing Stories was (unsurprisingly) able to contact Andrew at his Greek island home, only to be greeted by unremitting chortling over the telephone.  Since little information was gleaned from that conversation (other than the rather self-evident happiness of one A.P. Weston), we resorted to email in which we received confirmation that the production of The IX will in no way affect Andrew’s submission of science features to Amazing Stories.  This information naturally resulted in unremitting chortling from the Amazing Stories side of the conversation.

In other, somewhat related news, The Perseid Press is very pleased to be bringing The IX to publication and had a few things to say (squeezed in between their own bouts of chortling):

The IX is an epic novel combining history, science, and myth in a unique way to create a fresh and compelling adventure that reminds us of the glory days of science fiction.

What happened to The IX?  Find out in this 150K novel.

“The ultimatum: Fight or die.”

Roman legionnaires, far from home, lost in the mists of Caledonia; a US cavalry company on a special mission for Presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln; and a Special Forces unit from the 21st century, desperate to prevent nuclear catastrophe:

Snatched away from Earth at the moment of death to a failing planet far away, these misfit soldiers must unite against a relentless foe, where the cost of victory may be more than they’re willing to pay.

How far will they go to stay alive?

Early praise for The IX includes:  Weston’s mix of history, metaphysics and real science ventures into territory not often explored in science fiction. What happened to the IX Legion of ancient Rome? Find out here, where Past, Present and Future are masterfully blended in an epic novel that takes classic elements to new heights. Weston has a true gift for superb storytelling and memorable characters. This one is not to be missed.” — Joe Bonadonna, author of Mad Shadows: The Weird Tales of Dorgo the Dowser, Three Against The Stars, and adventures.

Andrew P. Weston is a former Royal Marine, a member of the British Science Fiction Society, a writer of fiction and nonfiction who finds time to assist NASA on a research project,  submit regular educational articles for Amazing Stories and He is a gradute in the fields of astronomy and criminal law, and works in the security arena. The IX has it’s own FaceBook page at:

IX cover spread draft 1
Note: this is a draft of the cover design.


(In truth, the IX Legion’s last known verifiable location is in York, England around 120 AD.  After that…?)

We’re very pleased for Andrew and have already confirmed the offer of a copy of this book for a giveaway when it is available.  Our review will be appearing during January and Andrew himself will be preparing a “writing of” blog post that should be very interesting.

In the meantime, you can check out Andrew’s bio on our staff page and catch up on his posts!

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