Review The Poppy War

Every now and then, I uncover a 24-carat nugget that stands out from all the other gems. And “The Poppy War” by R. F. Kuang is one of them.

Branching Out

The latest data from ESO’s Very Large Telescope suggests that the orbits of those stars around the supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way may show the subtle effects predicted by Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

The One

Is the multiverse a pleasant concept for science fiction authors to play with, or does it really exist? The truth is out there…

Is This How Dinosaurs Felt?

Worried that an asteroid will hit the Earth? As Andrew Weston reports, NASA has some good news and some bad news on the subject of a near earth object called Bennu.

Excerpt: The IX by Andrew P. Weston (part 2)

Andrew P. Weston has been a regular contributor to Amazing Stories for quite some time now. A former UK Marine, he has retired to the Greek Isles, where, in addition to writing for Amazing and enjoying the deep blue Mediterranean , he has turned his hand to a rarely practiced sub-genre of the military science […]