House of Screams and Wicked Dreams

Autumn is steadily approaching and that means some of us are getting ready for Halloween. I know some have already started readying costumes if not searching for them and others are planning their haunts. Though, as you’re planning your All Hallows Eve horror marathon, haunters and actors alike are preparing gauntlets for your seasonal pleasure. I’m talking about haunted houses. Now these aren’t your small time run through someone’s front yard. These are crafted halls in a rented building designed to scare you from beginning to end and I must tip my hat to the dedicated people who put these events on. I’ve been through a few of them before from simple ones in a neighbor’s front yard to some of the most popular haunts in my area. Small time haunts, in my experience, show only on Halloween night and gain popularity from word of mouth via the local trick-or-treaters. Alice_Cooper_CharityCommercial haunts on the other hand require the purchase of a ticket and are usually much larger, actually hiring actors and artists to create one or more attractions. These attractions usually have themed rooms if not overall themes if there are multiple attractions and are filled with props and actors, working all night. Though what makes for a good haunted house, in my opinion, are talented improv actors that can adapt and feed off the reactions of the attendees.

Now, for those of you in Arizona (specifically the Phoenix Metro area) and are looking for a good haunted house, I recommend that you come by the House of Screams and Wicked Dreams and meet Clyde. BBAWho’s Clyde? Well I’ll let their website explain that. What I can say is this place has a lot of promise and that’s by my standards (I have yet to be scared by a haunted house of any caliber). Even better, a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will be going to Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation and Bosom Buddies of Arizona. Both charities are, in my mind, a truly noble cause and worth your time. Please, check them out.

Still not enough reason to go? Well other than a wonderful cast and crew working incredibly hard on this trial of terror, I’ll be there helping them out. It’s my first time acting for an audience in a few years but I think I’m up to the challenge. I won’t tell what I’ll be doing (in part because I’m only 50% sure), though I’m confident it’ll be fun for the attendees and well… me! So if you’re in the neighborhood, come on down and check it out! The date for opening night seems to be changing so see their website for details and ticket pricing. I’ll keep you all updated on how it goes and try to snag some photos for those who can’t attend.

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