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Novedades de Agosto en Hispanoamérica

Libros Editorial Bisonte y WhaltariBooks presentaron el 1 de agosto la novela “Nosocomium" del escritor Christ Gutiérrez-Rodríguez (Premio Copé de Oro, 2012). Los comentarios estuvieron...

Lazy me: No Llegué a Escribir el Post de esta Semana…...

... Y eso. Además éste lo he mandado a varios sitios y no me lo han aceptado (ahora solo mando cuando me piden participar...

Reseña del libro: El Barón de Pest (Los Padres de la...

A review of The Baron of Pest (The Fathers of the Full Moon, Book One) by Milenko Karzulovic


Steve's second Halloween column this month, in which he tries to do teeny-tiny reviews of 27 movies. Let us know if he succeeds or falls flat on his face.

Novedades de Septiembre en Hispanoamérica

New releases in espanol

Novedades de abril.

Fantasy author Claudia De Bella passes, Laura Ponce free stories for download, LDP magazine #56, celebrating women, released, and more

Novedades de enero

Bolivian anthology series Supernova releases the third edition, Editorial Cthulhu has published his third anthology: "HORROR QUEER, Rosarium Publisher announces 2018 plans; magazines, events and more

Review: The Teardrop Method, by Simon Avery

It is a story about ... the transmutation of the darkest personal grief into art, and about the coming to terms with the inevitability of death.

Evil is a Matter of Perspective: An Anthology of Antagonists, ed....

Evil certainly is a matter of perspective. But, then again, so is goodness


In this first of three Halloween-y columns examining several media adaptations of Stephen King works, Steve talks about the new movie, and what’s wrong with IT.

REVIEW: Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop, by Brhel & Sullivan

Many who enjoyed the thriller-type TV series of the seventies and eighties, plus Stephen King’s wonderful novel Needful Things, will enjoy the collection of tales called Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop.

Game review: The Last of Us (Remastered)

The Last of Us is a well realized computer game that contains both a thrilling zombie story and brilliant drama.

Novedades de Mayo

Publication of books and magazines, events and other things of interest to Spanish speaking speculative fiction fans.

Scide Splitters: Bean Bag Cats & Bad German by Ed Bryant

Ed Bryant (1945-2017), award winning writer, celebrated convention toastmaster, and mentor to developing writers, also wrote some funny short stories.

Book Review: Casefile: Arkham – Nightmare on the Canvas

Casefile: Arkham - Nightmare on the Canvas (01 Publishing) by Josh Finney (Author), Kat Rocha (Editor), Patrick McEvoy (Illustrator) is a graphic novel which...

Book Review: Mutation by Nerys Wheatley

If zombie fiction is your cup of entrails, Mutation, the first novel in Nerys Wheatley’s Twenty-Five Percent trilogy provides an action packed thrill ride with some interesting new twists.

MCM Manchester UK (Comic Con)

Terence Jackson shares his impressions of the ComicCon held in Manchester, UK, as well as Donald Manning's photos of cosplayers who attended.

Eternal Frankenstein: A Mary Shelley Tribute Anthology

The Eternal Frankenstein is coming

Guilty Pleasures – The Movies We Love to Hate (But Secretly...

Mr. Jackson apparently doesn't know we're not supposed to share our guilty pleasures!

Top 10 Video Games of 2015

Nikki takes a look at the top games of 2015

The Devil of Christmas is Making a Come Back? It’s Time...

Indiegogo campaign for truly insane gorefest

The Joys of Self-Publishing

Monster Hunting is Mordecai's business. Getting sales is John's.

How Game of Thrones Abandoned Me in the Pit of Despair

“Game of Thrones is very compelling. But so is a train wreck.”

Are You Ready for Five Nights at Freddy’s 2?

Its hard to imagine anything creepier than murderous animatrons that smile while they kill you

2015: A Geeky Year for Movies

Forget about all the things we were promised to have in 2015 by Back to the Future. 2015 seems to be our year for...

Entrevista a Fedosy Santaella

An interview with author and super hero poet Fedosy Santaella

Poetry Review – Fearworms by Robert Payne Cabeen

Not only does SF Poetry exist as a full-fledged entity, but there are also people who identify as SF Poets. AND they have their own little association too.

Britty Scary: Interview with March Shemmans of the UK’s Horror Express...

An interview with the folks from Horror Express Magazine

Halloween Movies

Samantha offers a scary movie lineup for Halloween

Spooky London

Ever since Count Dracula arrived in London aboard the Demeter, London has been a spooky place.