TIME MACHINE: Last Week’s Most Popular Posts

Our best reads from the past week.

A Publisher’s Perspective on Profits: ebooks vs print
Open Source Horror: The Slender Man
FUTURESPAST EDITIONS CLASSIC REPRINT: The Fate of the Poseidonia by Clare Winger Harris
The Conjuring (2013)
Review: R.E.M. by Ryan Colucci
Warp-drive and Exoplanets
The Adaptive Side of Video Gaming
Self-Publishing Odyssey: Part 4 Designing the Cover Image
Amazingly Enough: Watch the Skies
Top Ten Science Fiction Movie Sidekicks
Characters: Clare of Claymore
Books That Never Were – Farewell Atlantis
Reseña de Libro: Buenos Aires Próxima
Deconstructing Horror: Haunted Houses
Fly on the Wall by Taral Wayne
Don’t Look Now at The Birds: A Visit to du Maurier Country
Whatchamacomics #1: Dave McCaig
Witchfinder General Soundtrack
Review: Robert A. Heinlein Was A Dick…A Review of Patterson’s Bio, Volume 2
Book Review: The Secret of Abdu El Yezdi by Mark Hodder
Recap: “Ko No Mono,” Hannibal, Season 2, Episode 11
The Nine Billion Names of God by Arthur C. Clarke
Review: The Dark Between the Stars By Kevin J. Anderson
Ice Worms, Snow Monkeys, and Ice Rats. Oh My! Or: a Couple of Fannish Hoaxes
AMAZING NEWS: 6-22-2014
The Hero’s Journey: Part One, the Hero & the Journey
There’s Something About Night Vale
World Building for Writers Through Map Making
Yoshihiro Togashi and Growth As A Creator
The Amazing Virgil Finlay
The Art of the Shaver Mystery
Noticias literatura 25-6
AMAZING NEWS! Gerrold’s A Doctor For the Enterprise Comic Completed!

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TIME MACHINE: Popular Posts

Reviews, interviews, commentary, short stories, artwork and news items all made the most viewed list this past week. Traffic wise, the first week of September 2017 has been good for Amazing Stories. These articles are the reason why.

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