A Frank Wu story in Analog makes the Anlab Winners

Somtow Sucharitkul runs afoul of Facebook’s over zealous rights monitor, claiming he is infringing on his own compositions.  (We suggested that he immediately license himself.)

Is this a first for a Science Fiction author?  Nnedi Okorafor and Periwinkle Chukwu on the cover of Publisher’s Weekly

Matthew Kressel is over the moon, learning that he has sold a story to TOR.

Milton Davis shows off the Polaris Award he was presented at ConCarolinas 2024 event

Alex Shvartsman reprises Heinlein’s path to the “slicks” with the publication of Across the Digital Curtain to The Continental Literary Magazine

David Agranoff reviews Dream Makers Vol 1. – profiles of the men and women who write science fiction

John O’Neil announces that friend Ted Chiang has won the PEN/Faulkner Foundation Short Story Prize

Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki has been elected to SFWA’s board as a Director-at-Large  (which implies Director-at-Ginormous, Director-at-Gargantuan….) 

Bob Eggleton shares one of his latest, slated for the cover of The Prehistoric Times

Kevin Standlee announces that Westercon 77 will be hosted at Baycon 2025


Locus announces the 2024 Mythopoeic Award Finalists


An astonishing video view from the ISS of the “Devil’s Comet”

A massive solar storm hits Mars


A search for possible Dyson spheres reveals several possible candidates


Publishing isn’t the only industry that has issues with typos:  Chief’s Super Bowl rings have a typo

Musk not happy with Apple’s AI announcement, declares that all Apple devices will be banned at his companiesand that’s how the Corporate AI Wars began, the wars that led to the utter devastation of the planet, the reason why those few of us who managed to survive must now live in underground silos, condemned to eating bran with every meal …


An imaginary conversation with Brian Aldiss

A list purporting to rank science fiction stories from least to most hard.  The Mohs Hardness scale is nowhere in sight.

These productions of Shakespeare’s plays attempt to perform dialogue in the way it would have originally been heard in the 1600s 

Film & TV

The Wild Robot premieres on September 27th

JMS shares an image of his very first script – written for He Man and the Masters of the Universe

They’re doing a re-make of Barbarella, slated for a 2025 release.  Here’s the trailer (it looks and sounds terrible)

The latest episode of The Science in Science Fiction takes a look at the hunt for dark matter


A video visit to Ellison Wonderland

More Ellison:  a photo taken during a “pipe” break

Social Commentary

OK Supreme Court Dismisses case brought by the last survivors of the Tulsa Massacre.

Just For Fun

…when Fido gets ahold of your light saber

???Harvard Scientists hypothesize that there may be an advanced technological civilization hiding somewhere on Earth???  Amazing Stories scientists say “Horsepuckey!”


The authors of the forthcoming Space Piracy invite you to the first conference on Space Piracy   Arrrrrr you going to go?


This story should immediately become the inspiration  for a modern day re-telling of “Beowulf”.  Australians living in a town that was being terrorized by a crocodile caught and ate it

In the Future

Free Fiction A Short-Lived History of the Stockpiling of Time, in Post-Mono-Heliocentric Space-Times by K.V.K. Kvas
Excerpt: Murder In Mennefer by Al Sirois

Unexpected Questions with Bill McCurry

Whatever Happened to STARLOG Magazine?

Matt’s Reviews: The Roots Of The Self by Robert Ornstein

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