July 4th & the Working Vacation

Enjoy your vacation – if you have one!

I’m trying to take a few days “off” – I’ve been working on Amazing Stories 24-7-365.242… for over two years now and yes, I do need a little bit of a break.

Unfortunately – not-gonna-happen.

Or at least not gonna happen the way I’d like it to (which requires a vremeatron courtesy of Harry Harrison (see The Technicolor Time Machine));  so, instead of vacationing for however long I need on the shores of a pre-cambrian sea (the eyes!  the eyes!), I have to settle for the next best thing:  prioritizing my family and myself over the website for the next week.

What does that mean to you, our loyal readers and fans?

Not much beyond other than that daily posting may not always take place at its regularly scheduled time.

In the meantime, if you are a resident of the North American continent inhabiting a region roughly located between 25 and 50 degrees latitude, please enjoy the celebrations of our national birth day.

And remember – TANSTAAFL!

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Guest Editorial: Humanity’s’ R&D Department – Science Fiction by David Gerrold

This is the primary function of science fiction — to be the Research and Development Division of the Human Species. This literature is the laboratory in which we consider the universe and our place in it. It is the place where we ask, “Who are we and what is our purpose here? What does it mean to be a human being?”

No other genre is as ambitious, no other genre considers as many powerful and disturbing questions. All the other branches of literature are about the past, they’re about how we got here, as if here is a static place. Only science fiction is about the future. Only science fiction is about change.

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