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The Multi-Subject, Far Too Long and Perhaps a Bit Excitable, Post...

Amazing Stories debut, Worldcon, thoughts on the awards and their reception, thoughts on fandom in general.

Plans for Worldcon Week

Notes for up-coming changes due to the advent of Worldcon76


Gettting the word out for programming at Worldcon76

Dressing for ‘Success’

During the Hugo Award Ceremony, you don't have to dress like a pirate - unless you WANT to.

What’s It Like To Publish A Old/New SF Magazine?

Fear, loathing, excitment and anticipation on the road to Worldcon

No Editorial Today

Like it says.

General Disgust

A rare bit of commentary on mainstream politics.

The Graduate

The High School graduation of a grandchild prompts some musings on the state of public education.

Why Publishing a Magazine is (kinda) Like Running a Con

The label of Fan can no longer be allowed to shield behavior that delegitimizes other Fans.

Sorting Things Out

Taking a step back to consider things from a higher perspective.

The Difference Between Censure and Censor

Thoughts on protest, history and the Bill of Rights

Sad Anniversary: 04-08-1958 – 05-19-2017

Today is the one year anniversary of Karen's passing.

Editorial Breakage

An editorial about up-coming editorials.

The Magazine: Some Production Notes

Notes on progress towards a printed issue of Amazing Stories

Everyone is Talking About Infinity War…so I won’t

Thoughts on phone booth stuffing and other crazy fads.


Some highlights of the near-term future for Amazing Stories

The Kickstarter Experience

Our plans for Worldcon76 in San Jose.


Our current progress and notes on receiving too much information.

What Happened to the Kickstarter???

Kickstarter Campaign launch in temporary countdown 'hold'

The Last Editorial (no, that’s just click bait)

Crowdsourcing is a very, very fannish thing.

AMAZING NEWS: 2-11-2018

Technical difficulties this week. We'll be back with the news next week!

No Editorial This Week

Don't forget our upcoming Kickstarter Campaign

An Announcement and an Editorial

announcing our impending Kickstarter campaign and discussing the discussions about over-looked art in the field.

Ya Gotta Laugh

Strange search terms that bring viewers to the Amazing Stories website.

Safe(r) Spaces

Are convention "safe spaces" exclusionary and discriminatory or a step in the right direction?

“Someone up there is waging war on the Earth”

Not even Flash Gordon can save us.

Comedy Comes to Fandom

The comedian Lewis Black has some thoughts on the alt-right and fandom.

End of the Year Review

The year past and the year ahead.

How Not To Be A Fugghead

The title says it all. Don't want to be a Fugghead, don't do these things.

Great Ape See, Great Ape Do

Males pursue, females select.