Ya Gotta Laugh

The Amazing Stories website is based on WordPress, a wonderful and versatile program.

One of the “stats” features it offers is the ability to see how people got to the site and where people went from the site.

A couple of days ago I was taking a gander at the stats and under the heading of “These are terms people used to find your site” was this:

xxx caveman stories

There are of course other terms people use to find the site.  Terms like “sm sterling the sea people review” or “christopher lee peter cushing” or “arthur c clarke encounter at dawn”.

But xxx caveman stories?

Is that even science fiction?

Maybe. If Chuck Tingle is starting a new series.  (That’s NOT How We Got Their DNA: Pounded in the Butt by Neanderthals)

I went that direction because the search was for cavemen, not for cavewomen.  Of course, getting one’s butt-pounded is not gender exclusive, but back in those days the implements necessary to accomplish gender-role reversals are probably something we don’t really want to think about.  (Hey, it’s a well-known fact that our forebears were very efficient at utilizing all of their wooly-mammoth kills – nothing went to waste!).

I could go on, but I’m sure most of you wish I wouldn’t, except perhaps for those folks in the back banging (rocks) together. (They’re probably responsible for the original search.)

I could be wrong in thinking that it was a search for porn.  Maybe they thought that “xxx” was some kind of Google search wildcard – they just couldn’t remember any adjectives that afternoon (scary, funny…).  Maybe they couldn’t remember the title for the movie Quest for Fire or Raquel Welsh’s* name, or Ringo Starr’s* name for that matter, and this was the closest they could come.

But I don’t think so. I think they knew exactly what they were looking for.

It makes me sad to think that someone looking for such a specific fetish showed up here and got exactly what they weren’t looking for.

It also makes me wonder.  If, somewhen, somewhere, an SF fan types xxx science fiction into their search engine, where are they going to end up?


Undoubtedly, our erstwhile searcher was fed this article.  Lots of pics, but probably not what they were hoping to find.

*One Million Years B.C., 1966 and Caveman, 1981

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