The Kickstarter Experience

We’re 55% through our run with 14 days (two weeks, exactly) left to go and we’re sitting at 40% of our goal.  (Kickstarter page here)

Let me tell you a little bit about our Worldcon plans.

Worldcon76 (San Jose) will be taking place August 16th through the 20th of this year.

Ira, Kermit and I (and hopefully others)

will board airplanes at the airports closest to our respective places of residence and fly to San Jose –

Where we will retrieve packages –

hook up with John Picacio’s Mexicanx Initiative

and will hand them all copies of AMAZING STORIES QUARTERLY, VOLUME 9, NUMBER 1.

Then, some of us will head to the Dealer’s room while the Mexicanx Initiative People will meet and greet everyone else who wants to see them; where some of us (Amazing People) will set up our table (we’ve been approved) and others of us will head over to registration where they will hand out copies of AMAZING STORIES QUARTERLY, VOLUME 9, NUMBER 1, to everyone.


The convention center maintenance guy trying to move stuff; the volunteer behind the table trying to sort name tags, the totally unaffiliated individuals who have no clue as to what is going on, even the fans attending the convention!  (And woe be to the fan who declines our offer of a FREE copy of the world’s first science fiction magazine, newly reincarnated;  there will be at least two of us at registration so that one of us can distract while the other slips a copy into their goody bag.  We’re calling this Ambush Marketing!  [no ambushes were hurt during the filming of this production.]

And then, then, on one glorious night, at some point during the convention, if the odd gods of the galaxy (and the con committee, a distinction without much difference) smile upon us, we may, just may, host a party, where, among other things, we will make sure that no one leaves without having told us how absolutely wonderful the new issue is, and mean it.  If they don’t –

they may be staying after class….



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