Editorial Breakage


    There will be no editorial this week.

    I’m working on a couple of subjects – how to assess a convention, conservatism vs science fiction and taking a look at the increased incidents of white people calling the cops on POCs who are doing nothing more than going about their business in a normal and customary manner*.

    None of them are finished yet though and for some reason I’m not in the mood for nonsesical fluff this morning, so we’ll skip this exercise for this week.

    *I’m pretty rapidly coming to the conclusion that this is a semi-coordinated harrassment campaign, probably suggested through social networking frequented by the kind of people who would find it amusing, similar to “swatting”.  Read more here.  I’ve promised myself that if I am present when such a thing is going on, I will attempt to speak out in a manner that does not exacerbate the situation. I think others should make a similar committment.


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