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Steve Fahnestalk’s VCON 39 Report. NOT R. Graeme Cameron’s VCON 39...

Steve's (NOT R. Graeme Cameron's) report on last weeks VCON 39/Canvention 34!

R. Graeme Cameron’s VCON 39 Report. NOT Steve Fahnestalk’s VCON 39...

R. Graeme Cameron's VCon conrep. NOT Steve Fahnestalk's.

“Space Station 76”—A Movie Review

The characters dress as a ‘70s designer would have thought future people might dress, when they’re not dressing in actual ‘70s style...

Entrevista con Scott Lynch, Autor Nominado al World Fantasy Award

An interview with World Fantasy Award nominee Scott Lynch

The Greatest Science Fiction Novels of All Time Part 10

A well traveled novel makes its way on to our Best of All Time list.

The Greatest Science Ficition Novels of All Time Part 9

This week we are going back before the science fiction awards were created to find our entry into the list of the greatest science...

REVIEWS: John Shirley—Between Genres (Always)

Steve considers two of John Shirley's different genres: Fantasy Detective and Western!

The Greatest Science Fiction Novels of All Time Part 8

A new inductee into the Greatest Science Fiction Novels of All Time

The Ether Patrol

A classic radio show devoted to science fiction

The Greatest Science Fiction Novels of All Time Part 7

The Greatest SF Novels of ALL TIME list enters new territory!

The Greatest Science Fiction Novels of All Time Part 6

RK Troughton continues to assemble a list of the greatest science fiction novels of all time, based on objective measures

CLASSIC SF MOVIES #2: George Pal’s Destination Moon

Steve reviews a seminal classic: Destination Moon, the first Hollywood SF blockbuster that respected both science and science fiction.

The Greatest Science Fiction Novels of All Time Part 5

The fifth inductee into Amazing Stories list of the greatest science fiction novels of all time.

Futuro Partido y 12 mandamientos

An interview with Elizabeth Rosello on retrofuturism

When Virtual Meets Reality

Virtual Reality technology is providing an opportunity for individuals to experience what it is like to be the other...and William Gibson helped.

The Other Victoria: Steampunk’s Queen

Was it Colonel Mustard in the arboretum with the steam shovel? Steve participates in a steampunk murder mystery evening.

Interview with Award-Winning Author Michael Swanwick

Interview with Award-Winning Author Michael Swanwick.

Taking A Look At Gibson’s Neuromancer

A review of William Gibson's Neuromancer.

When Science Fiction IS Science Fiction

It is a profound mistake to interpret the genre of science fiction literally

A Fan’s History, Episode 12: More Fanspeak

What the heck is a “slanshack”?

IT’S (NOT) ROCKET SCIENCE: Does Science Fiction Matter?

It sure does to me.  It's the reason I worked on Apollo. When President John F. Kennedy gave his “We choose to go to the Moon” speech...

FUTUGRAMMA: Un continente escribiendo sus propios futuros

FUTUGRAMMA es un espacio que se plantea la relación entre la escritura y el devenir del cosmos desde nuestra situación como latinoamericanos. También es un...

Against the Boycott of Ender’s Game

When I returned to reading science fiction as adult I discovered a whole new generation of authors:Greg Bear, David Brin, William Gibson, Octavia E. Butler, and Orson Scott...

Review: The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling

I can't think of a better novel to start my exploration of steampunk then The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. This award-winning novel,...

William Gibson’s formulae for success: No rayguns.

Not long ago I started rereading the Moon is  a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein.  It’s an interesting book, but the thing that really...

When You Shouldn’t Read John Scalzi

Like many readers, I became a fan of John Scalzi after reading his Old Man's War. It's a wonderful book and it led me...

Crossroads: A Genre Darkly

World-building, extrapolation, analogy, conceptual breakthrough, thought experiment - these are science fiction's basic methods. Other genres might occasionally borrow them, but SF has sharpened them to a razor's edge. So what happens when this set of tools works alongside the themes, styles, and plot structures of noir?

The Sky Tree: Upon the Shoulders of Shopping Mall Proprietors

Who stole the future and put a shopping mall in its place? The tallest freestanding tower in the world dominates the Tokyo skyline, but falls far short of touching the stars.