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Top 10 Video Games of 2015

Nikki takes a look at the top games of 2015

5 of the “Best” Video Game Movies

Video game movies are bad. Really bad. But some are better than others.

Steam Summer Sale the CCG

Steam is having a summer sale

MCM London Comic Con, May 2015

Where's Waldo? A pictorial coverage of the MCM London Comic Con

Top Ten Video Game Moms

Whose your favorite video game Mom?

Konami Going Under?

Wither thou goest Konami?

Are You Ready for Five Nights at Freddy’s 2?

Its hard to imagine anything creepier than murderous animatrons that smile while they kill you


Microsoft buys Minecraft and its creator leaves....

Review: Was Sims 4 Worth the Hype?

You probably don't want to have a baby in Sims 4....

PC Tips for Uncustomizable Controls

Sean's got some hot auto hot key for ya. Sounds like a bizarre mashup of drive-in diner meals and the robopocalyse....

LEGO MOVIE vs. WRECK-IT RALPH: “You Gotta Have Heart!”

The Lego Movie is out on DVD--does it lack heart? Steve tells all.

Science Fiction Tropes: The BFG

B*F*Gs! One need say nothing more by way of introduction.

Steam Summer Sale 2014

Gaming heaven...or gaming hell? Sean survives Steam's Summer Sale - and prepares for winter.

The Adaptive Side of Video Gaming

Sean Martin, artist and conventioneer, fills us in on the roadblocks facing the disabled when it comes to games.

Welcome Back Commander!

A review of Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

The Beta Tester: Project Spark

What's it like to Beta test a game? Travis takes a few minutes away from the controls to fill us in.


Amazing Stories' Art Director Duncan Long begins a weekly profile of the art of the fantastic!

Home is where the Hearth(stone) is.

Like rubberneckers at a car wreck, we watch as James descends into game addiction....

The Top 5 Reasons Adults Still Suck at Video Games

Yes, it's true. Most older folks suck at playing video games. The real question is - do they care?

Dear Video Game Developers, Hire Real Writers!

Review of the video game Devil May Care with an emphasis on video game writing.

London Expo: October, 2013

London Expo October, 2013

Video Game Review: Ascend: Hand of Kul

Ascend: Hand of Kul Signal Studios Microsoft Free This summer Microsoft has made it a priority to release and create more free games for its gold service. Ascend:...

Video Game Review: TMNT – Out of the Shadows

The 80s were and always will be such a blur to me. It wasn't the excessive cocaine use, blinding neon colors, or the advent...

Nobody Goes It Alone: Best Friends Make Anime Better

This is the story of two little girls. They live down the street from each other, take the bus to school together, and are often mistaken for sisters.

Science Fiction Hobby Games: A First Survey – A Review

I do love me some board games. I've been playing 'em since I was below the recommended age and never gave up. Over the...

The Most Exciting Sci Fi and Fantasy Games of E3

(Ed. Note: some of the trailers linked to here may not be appropriate for all audiences.) Gaming junkies among you will note that E3—the...