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The Leap from Self to Traditional Publishing

Today’s post is prompted by two events: My wife was filling in for me on a writer’s panel this weekend (I got a bad fish that gave me a bit of food poisoning) I’m counseling a self-published author who is negotiating a traditional contract for his series. Regarding the first, a fellow panelist mentioned, “No […]

Epic Fantasy Analysis September 27, 2013

Sorry, I ran this data a few days ago but didn’t have time to finish the analysis.  Once again it’s time to take a closer look at the Amazon’s Epic Fantasy Bestseller list for the Kindle. The data for this post was taken on 09/27/2013. Traditional publishing continues its majority presence, but just barely (51% of […]

Read the Contract

The time has come, my friends, to talk of cabbages, and sealing-wax, of walruses and kings… and of contracts, those sheets of paper that hold so much power in them. Whether you have submitted to a traditional publisher, or to a small press, or to a micro press, the time will come when you’ll get […]

What Traditional Publishing Can Learn From Self-publishing

One of the first things you learn as a traditionally published author is that you have very little control over a great many things about your books. Cover design, format (hard cover, trade paperback, or mass market paperback), price, and even the title are not yours to dictate. These are decisions that greatly affect the […]

Reading and signing

Why I Do What I Do

I have been asked several times in the last week alone about indie publishing. Before I talk about what I’m doing, and why, let me point out that I am relatively new to this. Vulcan’s Kittens is the first novel I have published, and that came out in 2013. I have been writing and studying […]

Publishing: Let’s stop comparing apples and oranges

Ever since the Taleist Report (a survey of 1,000 self-published authors) came out I see it everywhere.  Online comments or articles saying most self-published authors don’t earn more than $500. When compared with the $5,000 average advance for a traditionally published debut author, this looks paltry at best. But here is the thing that really bothers […]

50 Shades of Self-publishing

Okay, so maybe there aren’t fifty shades, but I’ve yet to do a “50-shades of gray” take-off in a blog post so this seemed like a good time to play that card. The fact is that there are many different types of self-publishers and it drives me a little nuts when people lump them all […]

Oh How the Times Have Changed

I spend a lot of time on author forums trying to Keep up with changes that are going on in publishing industry Do what I can to tell other writers what I have learned It’s amazing to me that whenever someone mentions they are about to take the step toward publishing that both self and […]

How Much Will They Pay? Pricing E-books for Fun and Profit

Since my first time up at bat I discussed how to know when you should self-publish, it is now time to answer the second question on everyone’s mind when it comes to self-publishing: what should I charge? What price should you set your e-books at to not scare away potential readers without looking like an […]

Hybrid Authors: The Best of Both Worlds

I’ve been exclusively published through a small press. I’ve been exclusively self-published. I’ve been exclusively traditionally published. But I’m about to go “hybrid” and I think it offers the best of both worlds, and, like me, many more are going the same route. For those who don’t know what a hybrid author is…it’s one that […]

Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Traditional Publishing by the Numbers

If you’ve ever considered becoming a writer, surely you’ve heard the old expression, “Don’t quit your day job.” But what can you really expect as far as income is concerned? Let’s first explore traditional publishing.  When it comes to trying to determine advances for debut fantasy and science fiction novels Tobias Buckell is the best […]

Many paths

Publishing Options – Many Choices Now Viable

Many fans of fantasy & science fiction have dreams of joining the ranks among their favorite authors someday. But as little as five years ago the publishing landscape was much different than it is today. Savvy would-be authors need to keep abreast of the changes in the industry to decide which path is best for […]