Robert J. Sawyer

Review: Rollback by Robert J. Sawyer

Robert J. Sawyer is a multi-award winning Canadian author who needs little introduction. Rollback, his 17th novel, originally published in 2007, is set mainly in Toronto in 2047. There are also substantial sections set in 2009, when the first extra-terrestrial message is received on earth, and during the years leading-up to the arrival of that message. Key to both periods is Dr Sarah Halifax, radio astronomer and tenured professor…

Creating Great Characters in Fiction

Characters in fiction fulfill a dramatic function in the story for the reader and are, therefore, more logically laid out. They may, as a result, be more coherent, consistent and clear in their actions and qualities than a person in real life.

A Fan’s History – Fanzines

Fanzines: What the heck is a ‘zine, anyhow? Well, ‘zine (usually abbreviated without the apostrophe) is short for fanzine, which should be self-explanatory. Unless I’m very much mistaken, SF fans were the first ones to publish zines as a regular thing; now all sorts of subcultures have them. In case “fanzine” is not self-explanatory, I’ll […]

What is the Vampire of Science Fiction?

I’m not talking about the salt vampire of Star Trek or anything so literal. I’m talking about vampires in the sense that they fill fantasy and horror in a continuing and ubiquitous fashion despite being done to death (so to speak), and that there is at least one candidate for the equivalent in science fiction. […]