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“Las guerras de los hijos del Sol”: mito y fantasía

Ecuadorian writer Pablo Gómez Morán gives us The Wars of the Children of the Sun, a rewrite of Andean myths

El mito y significado moderno: El starbird rebelde

Modern Myth and Meaning is a blog series on the contributions of literature and pop culture to contemporary mythology.

Modern Myth and Meaning: The Rebel Starbird

[Joseph] Campbell thought that in order for modern society to rejuvenate itself from a detached spiritual condition, we were going to need some new symbols.

How Did Fans of Literary SF React to Star Wars?

What did "real" fans think of Star Wars in an era "a long time ago..."?

The Hero’s Journey: Part One, the Hero & the Journey

The Hero's Journey, the ur myth of our psyche, infuses, inhabits and informs all of our fiction.

Why We Need to Write

Follow your bliss! Nina inspires us

Writing in Sync

The tendency to synchronize pervades the universe, from atoms to animals, and people to planets.

Review: The Colors of Space

In the tradition of Heinlein, The Colors of Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley is a provocative space adventure for young adults. But upon closer look, there is a lot more to the story as it becomes a prime example of an archetypical hero’s journey.

No. 22 – 2013 October – Elizabeth Moon, Military Science Fiction,...

If you like military science fiction, raise the alarm, beat your drum to send all hands to general quarters, and light up your sensors for deep scan. Ms. Moon has several series you won’t want to miss.

Ten Questions You Need to Ask Your Characters Before They Can...

Your story lives and breathes through your characters. Through them your premise, idea and your plot come alive. Characters give your story meaning; they...