John W. Campbell

Una nueva apuesta en la ciencia ficción ecuatoriana: “Voces del firmamento” de Cedeño Menéndez

El ecuatoriano Richard Cedeño Menéndez explora la ciencia ficción con una nueva obra Voces del firmamento, que además tiene un subtítulo: El resurgimiento de las ánimas probablemente anunciando que su novela podría ser el inicio de una saga. Y eso quizá sería congruente toda vez que con Voces del firmamento el joven autor portovejense –conocido […]

Con Report: CAPCLAVE 2013!!!

While I’ve been reading SF for ages, I haven’t participated much in the fandom aspects of the genre. I’ve only been to one other convention and I only made it for a single afternoon. Needless to say, three days seemed like a marathon.

SFWA Grand Master Series Logo

Interview with SFWA Grand Master Frederik Pohl

Today we are joined by Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) Grand Master Frederik Pohl. Frederik was one of those wild-eyed youths who through force of will and determination spread science fiction across the world. Even today, his sweat still marks the hammer and anvil that forged the industry. Across his career, he […]

Ben Bova

Interview with Science Fiction Legend Ben Bova

Today we are joined by science fiction legend Dr. Ben Bova. Ben has served as an editor of both Analog Science Fact & Fiction and Omni magazines. He has written over 120 books of fiction and non-fiction. His razor-sharp mind is trusted by both the scientific community and Hollywood. As evidence, he was elected a […]

Marooned off Vesta by Isaac Asimov

Marooned off Vesta was Asimov’s first published story, appearing in the March 1939 issue of Amazing Stories. The story, and the story behind the story, is an example of man’s will and determination to to never give up.

Cherryh Portrait A

No. 18 – C.J. Cherryh, The Faded Sun, and a World Building Ethos.

No. 18 – 2013Jun02 – C.J. Cherryh, The Faded Sun, and a World Building Ethos. The next time you look into the night sky, try finding the asteroid, 77185 Cherryh. Admittedly, it’s not an easy task. But it’s up there and named after Carolyn Janice Cherry, aka C.J. Cherryh. The discoverers believed Cherryh had “… […]

Electrons for Everyone

As I sit wandering the internet for fresh tidbits of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, I find them flourishing everywhere. Perhaps flourishing is not the right word. Flourishing leads me to images of well-manicured flower gardens and carefully pruned trees. The speculative fiction of today could very well be classified as a kudzu rather than […]


While Fritz Leiber was creating a boisterous style of Sword & Sorcery based upon E. R. Eddison and James Branch Cabell, Norvell W. Page wrote two novels that seem on the surface to be closer to Robert E. Howard and his Conan series. But only to those who do not look closely. Norvell W. Page […]


In 1939 Farnsworth Wright began a move away from Sword & Sorcery. With Robert E. Howard dead, he no longer championed the dark fantasy tale, publishing Henry Kuttner’s Elak as the last. This meant that Fritz Leiber, who had written horror stories for Weird Tales, was not welcome with his new series, this featuring two […]


Robert E. Howard may have invented Sword & Sorcery with the first King Kull tale, but he was not the only author working with the raw materials of heroic fantasy. We have already mentioned C. L. Moore and her Jirel of Joiry stories, which were published at the same time as Conan. There were other […]