Captain Future; female heroes in space; three black holes colliding; FTL being taken seriously, Dan Simmons screed; Elon Musk builds a silo; Kay Tarrant, George Lucas, Greta Thunberg, Boston Dynamics, Spider-Man and, believe it or not – more!


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from the FB Space Opera group

George Lucas not happy with Disney’s Star Wars (See what happens when you focus on money instead of art?) More

Dan Simmons “critique” of Greta Thunberg.  Now you can read the hatred, bigotry and misogyny (not to mention other hatreds) for yourself

Victoria’s Secret Announces First Trans Model (She’s Gorgeous.  and Smart.)


Captain Future:  a trailer from a German production

Yes, there will be a Matrix 4.  Yes, Keanu will be in it

New Adverntures for Carson of Venus!


Spider-Man movie go-ahead:  Sony and Marvel have reached agreement…for at least two more films.

Campbell research keeps uncovering cool history:  here’s a pic of Kay Tarrant never seen before

Commentary Cartoon:  Editors vs Novelists


Elon Musk says “Hey!  Check out the starship I built in my backyard!” (click the image for the story)

Bound up by traveler’s constipation?  Here’s why

Boston Dynamic’s Atlas now a Gymnast:  Also – Spot can now be leased!

We featured this article earlier this week, but it bears repeating:  Researchers are now taking FTL technology seriously.
Mini-Editorial:  It has long been our contention that anything within the realm of human knowledge that has not been precluded by scientific law remains legitimate fodder for science fiction speculations.  Some of our colleagues started writing off speculations on FTL (and other still-possible technologies such as time travel) off over a decade ago, seemingly having forgotten that, at least in this universe, a vanishingly small probability of likelihood represents a positive chance that such a thing could be researched, engineered and ultimately exploited.
People – Science Fiction incorporates, as a fundamental aspect of its definition, the idea that while there is life, there remains hope, and while science has not definitively ruled something out, we should still play around with it.

Polystellaramory?  Three black holes set to collide

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