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Why Science Fiction Has a Troubled Relationship With Utopias

Maybe it's time to donate to SETI ... and vote for politicians who believe that Gross National Happiness is less important than Gross National Aerospace Investment.

Thin Men with Yellow Faces: NOT a Dark Tower tie-in!

There are two broad strains of horror fiction. One assumes that the world is falling apart, and depicts that process. The other assumes that the world is eternal, and depicts it falling apart.

The Language of Scandal: Why Do Speculative Fiction Writers Love Disgusting...

Why has this man been labelled "a poo-flinging chimp," among other, less printable things? I have an idea or two (a rare occurrence, I know, I know).

How Science Fiction Fans Can Save America

Will you stand for something? Or settle for anything?

The Cost of Transformation: A Review of North American Lake Monsters...

What do you say to a man who's fresh out of jail, whose wife has been sleeping around and who doesn't know his daughter...

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Why don't American kids dream of being astronauts anymore? In Japan, interest in space is at a historically high level. I get slightly snarky about AKB48.