book cover: Road To Roswell by Connie Willis

Matt’s Reviews: The Road To Roswell by Connie Willis

  Publisher:              BANTAM DOUBLEDAY DELL Publication date: 06/27/2023 Pages:                   416 ISBN-10:               0593499859 ISBN-13:                978-0593499856 Author:                  Connie Willis The Road To Roswell by Connie Willis is another delightful story by the author. One of my favorite […]

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Friday Fanzine: SFSF

Says editor Jean Martin: Science Fiction/San Francisco is a monthly news zine covering all areas of fandom in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We report on events, conventions and balls in the genres […]

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Hugo by the Numbers Part 2

Let this serve as your reminder that final ballots for the 2013 Hugo Awards are due today. (07/31/13) With that in mind, I bring you my continued parade of Hugo Award statistics from across the […]

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Review: Hauntings, edited by Ellen Datlow

Ellen Datlow anthologies are dependable reads, especially when it comes to delivering a wide selection of high quality of fiction. This holds true with Hauntings, Datlow’s new reprint anthology of ghost stories–all of which were originally […]

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