Give new meaning to the expression “Eat Local, Think Global”: This week, Steve takes a bite out of “Eat Locals,” a British 2017 vampire movie. Is it good, or does it suck? Probably a bit (a bite?) of both. Read it and see.

Scide Splitters: Four by Tenn

Scide Splitters examines four of William Tenn’s (relatively) lighter comedies: “Party of the Two Parts,” “The Flat-Eyed Monster,” “Lisbon Cubed,” and “On Venus, Have We Got a Rabbi!”

The Cult Movie Bracket

What’s the greatest cult film of all time? The participants at File 770 are gonna tell ya – but it’s not too late to support your own favorite cult movie!

The Big Bang Theory: Double Recap: Season 9, Episodes 22 & 23

NOTE:  The season 9 finale of the Big Bang Theory airs tonight. EPISODE 22:  The Fermentation Bifurcation Penny invites everyone to a free wine tasting that she won at work, leading Leonard to wonder why scientists never win anything. Howard explains that he’s in science for the groupies (although Bernadette is a scientist, while Howard, […]