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Yo También Necesito una Pausa

Tanya is taking a break, and leaves us with a book trailer for her latest offering, (Ir)Realidades, to tide us over

Entrevista: Certamen Internacional de Microcuento y Poesía miNatura

An interview with Ricardo Acevedo of miNatura SF magazine

Reedición de libro: Cosmografía Profunda de Laura Ponce.

Laura Ponce's collection of stories Cosmografía General has been re-issued in Spain.

Nueva Publicación en Finlandés: Cuentos sobre Sauna

¿Y qué hago promocionando un nuevo libro en finlandés en este blog? Pues que una de mis historias se encuentra en él. La historia va...

Top post de marzo

Top posts from March


A round up for Latin America

Asni’s Blog: The Peahen Incident

New Zealand has become a clean, green, and liberal Utopia to a lot of people. For the last thirteen years, I have experienced something very different.

Top Post de Enero

highlights from last month en espanol.

Reseña de Libro: Cosmografía General de Laura Ponce

A review of Laura Ponce's Cosmografía General

Reflexiones ante el nuevo año, sobre cachorritos, maistream, el género, Caitlyn...

Tanya has a few words to say about authors who appropriate the field, and announces some plans for next year.


Tanya reviews our past month and finds it interesting.

Excerpt: The City of Noctividents by Tanya Tynjälä

Wriixka awakens one fine crimson sunny morning to discover that she has grown wings.

Trying Patreon (Because I am not Amanda Palmer but I Want...

Our Spanish language editor has started a Patreon account.

Top Post de Marzo

Top posts for March

Top Post de Febrero

What we wrote about in Febrero

Top Post de Diciembre 2014

December's top posts

Post populares de noviembre

Popular posts from November

Nuevos Bloggers en Amazing Stories en Español.

Introducing some new contributors to Amazing Stories

Asni’s Art Blog: The Painting of Earthsea (part 4)

In this post, I would like to introduce my own visual interpretation of Earthsea and its places and characters

CONNIE WILLIS o explorar el pasado para construir el futuro

A profile of Connie Willis

Post Populares de Septiembre

A summary for our spanish speaking friends of our most popular items from September

¿Preguntas, Comentarios?

Comments are important, regardless of the language used.

CAITLÍN R. KIERNAN, o excavar en los temores más profundos

A profile of the multi-talented author Caitlin Kiernan.

Self-Publishing Odyssey: Part 4 Designing the Cover Image

Alastair Savage's Self-Publishing Odyssey moves on to stage 4: Designing the cover.

Los Post Más Populares de Mayo.

Tanya rounds up the most popular posts of May for our Spanish speaking audience.

VONDA McINTYRE, o el arte de tejer universos

Laura Ponce profiles Vonda McIntyre

Reseña de libro: Hananpacha, en Busca de la Libertad por Iván...

Tanya reviews Ivan Prado's Hananpracha

Self-publishing Competitions: Leave Your Elves At Home

The enormous media interest in self-publishing has been fired by the breakthrough success of Wool by Hugh Howey, so SF is leading the way in this field. It's strange therefore to hear the Guardian's flamboyant Books section editor Claire Armistead warning that "It's all too easy to dismiss the self-publishing sector as a wilderness of elves, sex and high-school romcoms".

Articles populaires mars 2014

Fabien explains our March scribblings for reader of the language of love.

Self-publishing Odyssey: Part 3 The Dirty Business Of Promotion

A look at self-publishing promotional strategies.