Early Works: Space Dragon and Starfire

Almost sharing early developmental works is something most authors will do; sharing the actual work? Not.

Autonomous Review: Robots, Love, and Identity Under Capitalism

Annalee Newitz Autonomous is a fairly brutal book at points, but it's never hopeless. It explores the limits of idealism and good intentions

The Pages of The Mind Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction from Veronica Scott
How To Be Remy Cameron by Julian Winters

Review: How To Be Remy Cameron by Julian Winters

This book follows Remy Cameron, an adopted, openly gay, black teen who is trying to figure out his place in the world and who...

Saga Press Giveaway: Win Three New Speculative Fiction Books

Join Den of Geeks on Goodread, enter to win free books. (Free books is always Good!)

The Dollmaker by Nina Allan book review

Nina Allen's last two novels, The Race and The Rift, could be classed as science fiction without too much of a stretch, The Dollmaker is something quite different.

Working Hard Not To Be Repetitious As An Author

Are you a "Groundhog Day" writer?

A Note From Author Tosca Lee

Written by Tosca Lee The first time I ever blurted out the words “I want to write a novel” I was home for spring break...

SPACE: Was Venus Once a Paradise?

A water-covered and life-friendly Venus possibly persisted for as long as 3 billion years

Book Riot’s Deals of the Day for September 10th, 2019

Sponsored by The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock by Imogen Hermes Gowar and Harper Perennial. These deals were active as of this writing, but may expire...

space: Landing on the Moon is HARD!

Why is landing on the Moon so hard? We can start by mentioning that the Moon is NOT made of soft cheese...

Why Everyone Should Read V.E. Schwab’s ‘Vicious’

“Plenty of humans were monstrous, and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human.” Every once in a while, there comes along a...

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Hunt for Red Fluffy, by Angel Martinez

QSFer Angel Martinez has a new mm sci fi humor book out in the Brimstone series: “The Hunt For Red Fluffy.” Someone abandons a pedigree...

Drug Mix-Up Creates “Werewolf” Babies in Spain

Who needs wolfsbane when all you have to do is take away their prescription for alopecia?

ANNOUNCEMENT: Armageddon, by Erik Schubach

QSFer Erik Schubach has a new FF urban fantasy out in his Urban Fairy Tales series: “Armageddon.” Last Upon a time… The Avatars have all gathered...

REVIEW: Heartache & Hoofbeats, Maz Maddox

Title: Heartache & Hoofbeats Series: Stallion Ridge Book One Author: Maz Maddox Genre: Western, Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Publisher: NV Productions Pages: 251 Reviewer: Melissa Brus, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About...

7 Things to Avoid When Trying to Meet a Writing Deadline

THE list of things you MUST avoid if you want to finish a project on time

Queer Love, Rage, and Magic Amid War: Red Skies Falling by Alex...

Twins Kylee and Brysen find themselves separated for the first time in their lives, each on either side of a world fluttering toward the...
climate change - pixabay

CLIMATE CHANGE: How Much Time Do We Have?

How much time do we have? Less than anyone thinks.

Looking Glass by Christina Henry exclusive book cover reveal and excerpt

An advanced look at Looking Glass, a collection of novellas by Christina Henry

SPACE: How Many Humans Could Live on the Moon?

Don't they read Heinlein? Moon colonies are largely sublunarian...and besides, everyone on the planet could fit on the island of Zanzibar if they'd all just exhale....


Press Release PORTLAND, Ore. 8.15.2019 — Image Comics is pleased to announce an all-new, skin-crawling series by writer Rodney Barnes (Wu-tang: An American Saga, Marvel’s Runaways, Starz’s American...

Silhouette by Robin Hale: Book Review

Silhouette by Robin Hale is a tale about what happens when a notorious jewel thief accidently comes face to face with the handler/voice-in-the-ear-for the...

Is The Slang Too Old?

Be careful about the terms and slang you use in your writing, it might not be historically accurate

Science Fantasy in SPAAAACE: K Eason’s How Rory Thorne Destroyed the...

How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multivers takes a classic fantasy script—of a royal daughter being given gifts by Faeries and the consequences thereof–and upends it right from the get go
moon anomaly - NASA

SPACE: So What Made the Huge Crater on the Moon’s Dark...

We ALL know the REAL answer is: Moon Base Alpha!

Andre Norton’s Influence

A top flight science fiction romance author pays tribute to Andre Morton.

“Believe That A Black Man Will Fly”/ Final IconTrailer

ICON, an upcoming fan film, will make you believe a black man can fly
September 2019 Fantasy Sci-Fi

September 2019 Book Releases: Fantasy + Sci-Fi

Ready for a new fantasy or sci-fi read? You’ll be sure to find one amongst these September fantasy and sci-fi releases! This month sees...

Autumnal Book Guide: 16 Best Fall 2019 Reads

Den of Geek recommends a handful of new books for your fall reading pleasure