New Releases in Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance for JAN 27

Here’s the weekly post from my author blog on the new releases I found to be of interest in my three favorite romance genres (which are also the ones I write in!), and related areas such as time travel, steampunk, paranormal cozy romances and more. I do sometimes cover other releases of note in science fiction and fantasy.

As always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts). I don’t pick up every single new release each week but try to provide a representative subset and lots of choices.

Here’s a teaser for this week’s first two books (jump to the blog to see the approximately 70 titles featured this week):


An alien dragon king meets his fated mate in a woman from Earth. With conflict brewing in the kingdom, will he be forced to make a heart-breaking choice? Bella – When I came to the subterranean kingdom of Driegon as a mail-order bride, I didn’t expect the dragon king to sweep me off my feet, take flight, and claim me as his mate. He says a mythical mating ritual called the Torrent proves we’re fated. Yeah, sure. Then I find out he’s almost engaged. He insists he’ll find a way for us to be together, but I’ve fallen for pretty lies before, and I won’t give my heart again easily. Malac – To end a war among the factions of my Driegon people, I must marry the daughter of a rival warlord. I’ve accepted my fate. Until I meet Bella, one of three Earthlings brought to my kingdom as mail-order brides. One touch, and my blood roars through me—the first sign of the Torrent. We’re fated and I ache to claim her, yet I cannot betray my people. But the heart of a dragon will not be denied.


VS Note: Ooh, one clicked this! I love her Dark Planet/Darkstar stories…

The retrieval mission was supposed to be simple. Get in, get the human females, kill the slavers, and get out. As a former High Commander of the Kordolian Imperial Military, Ikriss Peturic has seen–and done–much worse. But one female in particular has been treated a lot more badly than all the others. As he took her away from her tormentors, carrying her in his arms, she hovered between life and death. Now she is safe. He should be able to forget about her. A new threat has appeared, and he has work to do. So why is he so angry and restless all of a sudden? Why can’t he focus? Why do the bases of his horn-buds throb? What is this cursed madness?

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