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We are retaining the Publishers’ Pick site and will use that for our monthly specials. Instead of various publishers though offering deals on the page, we will go back to our original format of only offering books published by us (although we may extend the invitation to a publisher friend every now and then). I guess that makes it Publisher’s Pick instead of Publishers’ Pick, so we have changed the title, accordingly.¬† ūüôā

But first, here is the cover for the NEW Heinlein book, The Pursuit of the Pankera!

The book will be released on March 24 in hardcover and ebook formats. For six months following the publication date of March 24, the ebook will ONLY be available on due to an arrangement we have with them. I know this will disappoint some of you who use non-Kindle readers but we have asked for an exception to accommodate non-Kindle readers. It is not a perfect solution, but a compromise that should effectively work.This means that while Amazon will have an exclusive on the ebook from March 24, we have can (pre)sell the book from our own site in other ebook formats as a pre-order until the publication date. Please note that after March 23 the ebook will ONLY be available from Amazon for six months (and not available on our own website either). Everyone who purchases the ebook from our site up to March 23rd will be provided an ePub and a MOBI file to accommodate nearly all types of readers (including iTunes and Nook) on the release date of March 24th.

Many of you are aware that we try to keep our books DRM free (though we have discovered some vendors will put in DRM coding despite our own intentions). Amazon is fairly good about complying with requests to keep the books DRM free and we will make sure that The Pursuit of the Pankera is DRM free, so those of you with the savvy to do so can convert the book.

Finally we have decided to reduce the price of the ebook for the pre-order. The launch price of the ebook will be $9.99, but we have priced the pre-order at $7.99…an incredible price for a new book by Robert A. Heinlein (with a full no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee as well).

Those of you wishing to pre-order the ebook may do so at the following site:

The page also has a link to the pre-order link for The Pursuit of the Pankera on Amazon.Both The Pursuit of the Pankera and The Number of the Beast will be published by our new imprint CAEZIK SF & Fantasy.

Our free ebook for December 2019 is Charles Sheffield’s¬†The Billion Dollar Boy.
The book retails for $5.99, The suggested sale price is $1.99, but you can change it to FREE, by altering the ebook price to $0.00.This book has been offered on this program before. We do have a new line-up of novels which will be published in 2020 and we will be offering some of those books in the future of this program as well.

You can get the deal at the Publisher’s Pick website at:

We also have three Bookbub deals this month.Click on the price to go to Amazon.Deals may be available on other vendors as well (search by name and author)

The deal price will ONLY be effective on the dates indicated below

‚ÄčFriday¬†by¬†Robert A.¬†Heinlein: 12/02/19¬†to 12/04/19.
Regular Price $6.99. Sale Price $2.99  END TODAY


The Turtledove Historical Collection by Harry Turtledove (Four Complete Books) 12/6/19 to 12/9/19.
Regular Price $19.99. Sale Price $2.99 This is an incredible deal on four Turtledove books.


Emprise (The Trigon Unity Book 1) by Michael P. Kube McDowell 12/14/19 to 12/16/19
Regular Price $5.99. Sale Price $2.99


We have a very exciting line-up of books scheduled for 2020 under the CAEZIK SF & Fantasy imprint.

March 24 sees the release of The Pursuit of the Pankera and The Number of the Beast (reprint) by Robert A. Heinlein.

June 2 will see the publication of The Oppenheimer Alternative by Robert J. Sawyer. Unfortunately we were only able to get paper rights for the book and only for the US, so be sure to come back to our website to get a coveted paper copy when we set up purchase links (we will let you know when they go live)! The ebook will be published directly by the author.

In August we have a three novella (untitled) anthology with a near-future US storyline. Each of the three stories tells the future ‘history’ of the US, with the later two building upon the previous one in the series. The first novella is by Harry Turtledove, followed with a piece by James K. Morrow, and the final story will be written by Cat Rambo.

In October we will release Salamis by Harry Turtledove, a new historical novel (the fifth in the series). You can get the first four in the series for an incredibly low price of $2.99 during the Bookbub sale (see above).

We will have the pleasure of experiencing a Boston February again. Both¬†Lezli¬†(her health permitting) and I will be in the dealer’s room at¬†Boskone. I will also (probably) be doing a presentation on¬†The Pursuit of the Pankera, depending on scheduling.

Thank You and Good Day,


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