Arc Manor Sets Up Go Fund Me for Lezli Robyn


Many of you know that Arc Manor is, essentially, a two-person company: Myself and Lezli Robyn. Some of you are also aware that we had a GoFundMe for a couple of years ago for treating her eyes–for Keratoconus, a rare disease that effectively leads to blindness by causing blurriness and multiple images.

When the GoFundMe was set up she was effectively seeing seven images of everything and was already legally blind. I set up the fundraiser with the idea of raising enough money to halt (not correct) the degenerative impact of the disease. There is a cross-linking treatment that basically freezes the deterioration of the eye-sight.

Unfortunately, Lezli’s other illnesses intervened and she had to postpone her eye surgery twice (the second time needing to be in another country for urgent abdominal surgery). She was misdiagnosed for about two years (until very recently) for her hyperthyroid condition, which led her to have a Thyroid Storm. At the point of her diagnosis, she was in the hospital in a touch-and-go situation with her life.

Since her diagnosis, she has been put on the right meds (she may need an additional surgery, but the meds may be sufficient) and has recovered significantly. However, one side effect of her untreated condition has been a significant worsening of her eye-sight. She was legally blind even before this, but now it is gotten to the point where she has needed to get a blind cane. She now sees 40 duplications, instead of the original 7.

Here is an image of what the moon now looks like to her (two years ago, it would have a just seven overall impressions):

She has an appointment for the end of March for the halting-the-condition procedure surgery. However, the doctor is also pioneering a new corrective procedure and has offered to do both the procedures together at a slight discount. Unfortunately, none of these procedures are covered by her insurance. Nor are they cheap.

She needs this corrective procedure if she is going to remain functional (and help me get you all these free ebooks). Two years ago she could still function (though with some difficulty, but she was  managing). Now is has gotten to the point where it is almost impossible for her to do a lot of tasks.

As such, I’m asking for your help once again. She already had the surgery appointment. I have raised the amount of the fund to $24,000 which will take care of her costs for BOTH the halting AND corrective procedures. Every little bit helps.

To make a contribution, please go to:

Thank you so very much.

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