New Releases in Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance for DEC 4

Here is the weekly post from my author blog on the new releases I found to be of interest in my three favorite romance genres (which are also the ones I write in!), and related areas such as time travel, steampunk, paranormal cozy romances and more. I do sometimes cover other releases of note in science fiction and fantasy.

Lots of holiday-themed scifi romance this week, along with lots of other action, adventure and romance!

As always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts). I don’t pick up every single new release each week but try to provide a representative subset and lots of choices.

Here’s a teaser for this week’s first book (jump to the blog to see the approximately 50-70 titles featured this week):


When Jo’s partner abandons her as soon as they arrive on Mars, it’s yet another reminder of what she has always known: the only person she can count on is herself. But she is determined not to let his absence prevent her from claiming the one thing she has always wanted – a permanent home. Earth Government is offering land to anyone who can work a claim for five years and she isn’t going to let loneliness, global dust storms, or a mysterious, attractive cyborg stop her.

C-487 no longer feels human emotions. They have been left behind in the pain of his transformation and the long, lonely years working to make Mars suitable for human settlement. The majority of that work completed, there is little left for him now except making sure that these foolish humans don’t kill themselves or each other. Until he sees her – a tiny, determined female who makes his long-forgotten heart beat faster.
Can a woman who is afraid to trust and a cyborg who has forgotten how to love find their dreams together?


Everly, tough, fierce ex-federal agent has broken with her past, moving to Arcavia and training as the Queen’s guard.  Along with the challenges of adjusting to a new planet, she’s dealing with a disastrous complication: The fallout from an incredible, stolen night with Korva, a broken male known as a traitor amongst both Arcav and humans.

For Korva, his night with Eve was a destructive mistake, betraying the female who was once his.  Unfortunately, he can’t escape the crippling need to protect the human who insists she needs protection from no one. As Eve works to defend the Arcav from a devasting attack, will she be able to keep her new life, and heart intact?  And will Korva miss out on the chance of a future with the woman who once offered him his first taste of hope?

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