Frank Capra, The Man Who Saved Christmas
By Steve Vertlieb: Spending a quiet afternoon with one of cinema’s greatest, most distinguished motion picture directors, the brilliant Frank Capra. A memorable afternoon in which Frank and I sat together at the home of a mutual friend…just the two

Courtney Milan Controversy Decimates RWA Leadership
News that Romance Writers of America suspended Courtney Milan from membership and imposed on her a lifetime ban from leadership as the result of two ethics complaints has triggered protest resignations by numerous RWA directors and local leaders, the departure

Chengdu After 100 Years – A View of the Future
[Thanks to Science Fiction World, China’s most influential sci-fi magazine, for providing this post. I feel the competition is newsworthy and the beautiful art is something you’ll want to see. However, running the item is not intended as an endorsement

My Life at Loscon, Part 3
By John Hertz: (mostly reprinted from No Direction Home 43) Saturday 11:30 a.m. at Loscon XLVI, a panel discussion “The Asimov Centenary”. We were starting early, or maybe right; without birth records, he celebrated 3 Jan 1920 but it could have been in 1919. Moderator,

Pixel Scroll 12/27/19 With Slow Glass Pixels, It Will Take Ten Years To Scroll
WELCOME WAGON. SFWA President Mary Robinette Kowal responded to the Romance Writers of America meltdown by tweeting, “As president of SFWA, please accept my invitation to consider our organization if you feel your work has a kinship with SFF,

Pixel Scroll 12/26/19 Demotic Space Opera
HUGO VOTER ELIGIBILITY. The CoNZealand committee reminds fans: If you would like to make a nomination for the Hugo Awards, you must purchase your CoNZealand membership by 31st December 2019, 11.59pm PST. Find out more about memberships. Register for

Media Birthday Christmas Party
Compiled by Cat Eldridge: Born December 25, 1924 — Rod Serling. Best remembered for the original and certainly superior Twilight Zone and Night Gallery with the former winning an impressive three Hugos. He’s also the screenwriter or a co-screenwriter for Seven Days

A Pixel Stocking Stuffer Today’s Birthdays – December 25
Compiled by Cat Eldridge: Born December 25, 1928 — Dick Miller. He’s appeared in over a hundred films including every film directed by Dante. You’ve seen him in both Gremlins, The Little Shop of Horrors, Terminator, The Howling, Small Soldiers,

Pixel Scroll 12/24/19 Yes, But Is It A Pixel And A Scroll Wax?
ASIMOV 100. There will be an Asimov-themed meetup at the New York City College of Technology on January 4. Andrew Porter adds: “I’m one of the panelists, along with Sheila Williams and Erwin ‘Filthy Pierre’ Strauss. Remind me to

Courtney Milan Suspended by RWA, Banned from Leadership
Romance Writers of America has disciplined author Courtney Milan in response to a pair of complaints after finding that she violated a section of its Code of Ethics by “Repeatedly or intentionally engaging in conduct injurious to RWA or its

Pixel Scroll 12/23/19 Sincerity And Affection, In Cat
FAME OVERDUE. The Chicago Tribune’s Michael Robbins says: “Every book lover should know John Crowley. Get to it already. He’s waited long enough.” This has been a banner year for John Crowley fans — not one but two new

My Holiday Scroll Schedule
My sister is coming into town today and I’ll be driving her to all the family stuff. I’ll still be able to do today’s Scroll — but very late. On 12/24 It will be late and short. I’ll be driving

Kurt Busiek Assembles an All-Star Team for Fantastic Four Marvels Snapshot
Last week, Marvel announced Marvels Snapshot, a new series from Marvels co-creator Kurt Busiek that brings together incredible creative teams to tell new tales showcasing Marvel’s greatest heroes. The series debuts in March with a golden age romp by Alan

Pixel Scroll 12/22/19 And So Pixels Made Of Sand Scroll Into The Sea, Eventually.
FOCUS ON THE FANS.’s Andrew Liptak brings word that “Star Wars Documentary Looking for Leia Is Now Streaming”. At the launch of the Kickstarter project, Ophelian told me that she wanted to focus on how Star

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