AMAZING NEWS: 12/29/19


AI Being Harnessed for Political Campaigns

If they don’t vote, they can’t win

Flurry of Antisemitic attacks precedes knife attack

Beginning of the End for the Great White Male Writer?

Forget “Woke”.  How About Being Numb?  Cases of Indigineous Americans Being Told to “go back to where they came from”

He’s a Jedi Now


Check Out Ansible’s Library of TAFF Books!

Librarians Getting A Bit of Their Own Back


(Bad?) Sweater Trek

Tanks and Airplanes for Cats

Sword & Sorcery Tales You Might Have Missed

and Deal on Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser Set

Latest Issue of Surprising Stories Released

KS Robinson Wondering What’s Left to Write


WOW Art Gallery Selling Paul Alexander Art

Celebrate Asimov’s 100th Birthday at this Asimov Conference

Very Cool Animated “Best of” Genre Film Chart

CA Law Could Destroy Freelance Careers

Newspaper Article Says You Should Read John Crowley

MinnStF 1974

Inaugural Gravity Award Writing Contest

Barry Malzberg:  SF’s Greatest Prognosticator?

Indy Bookstores on the Comeback


Very cool “futuristic” architecure

Tully Monster is Scaring Scientists

Smoking Meteor Crater:  Fossils from Meteor Impact Discovered

Betelgeuse Might Be Getting Ready to Explode

Profile of Titan Probe Lead

Spooky Action at a Distance Coming to a Computer Near You

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